Austin Stevens Adventures – Man Eating Leopard [documentary Series] | Wild Things

More than a glimpse of these wonderful animals before so to stumble on this scene of domestic bliss is absolutely unbelievable and little they hold it reaches adulthood they usually get.

Killed off by other animals in five healthy babies it’s phenomenal it’s stunningly I’m so excited so pleased about this I’ll leave them to it none can look for cancer if I could see a scene.

Like that with a leopard then I’d really have something but the rest of the day proves fruitless still I’m not finished yet I decide to find a patch of shade and set up my headquarters for the next couple of.

Days that’s just about done I’ve got a nice Forney boma built around my vehicle yeah and I’m totally mobile I can lift this tent or drop at any time move in and out and I’m right in the middle of leopard country so I can go out and work come back in my own time this is not to protect me against leopards this is.

Why he knows I he knows wall coming to a camp so I’ve bought this Burma to give myself a bit of protection other than that perfect working area tomorrow I’ll go and find myself a limpid bush is thick and I’ve been hammering through it and there’s big trees I’ve been actually bending them.

Over going down and some of the branches jammed in yeah pull the wires of the starter motor they already brittle from being close to the manifold.

I’m just joining them up again that’s the problem with this heavy terrain you got to be careful if you mess up get stuck in this bush forever yeah I hope that does it to track down a female lipid I’m staking out a prime big cat site and over the next few days my face the news right now my Rifleman’s live in the gospel I could see I start finding leopards everywhere but.

Still no sign of leopard cubs and getting good photographs is proving frustratingly tricky got off a few shots which is pretty thick stuff later and just when I’m coming to grips with grabbing glimpses at a distance they changed the rules she’s right at.

My god she’s so close I’ve got the wrong.

Lane the good news is I found the sweet spot a mix of trees and open grassland pineal is deeper but to get my photos I might have to adapt my methods it’s been difficult trying to get.

These photographs I mean having a lot of problems following these letters the.

Bush is just too thick I might have to reconsider I might have to actually leave the land oh go on foot follow the.

Lipid this is very dangerous everybody knows don’t be alone in the bush with a leopard but I’m not shooting the lip but it’s not wounded it’s got no reason to attack me if I follow it very carefully I might get the shots I want would be a bit riskier to find my limits I’ve worked out a routine first I check the places I saw them the day before to.

Try and pick up this trash but if that doesn’t work then I Drive the roads and do the big search of fresh prints looking down at the track gets quite.

Sandy it looks like there might be leopard prints here I mean they look like they’re quite fresh yeah I’m sure it’s leopard print it’s hard to really tell just how long ago hey hey.