Austin Stevens Adventures – Man Eating Leopard [documentary Series] | Wild Things

He’s actually coming right back onto track that’s the tracks I’ve been seeing down here it’s right now he’s making them right now that seemed to perturb.

I’m gonna get a little bit closer I’ll see if I can get up to you this is incredible I mean a leopard walking right in front of me not paying me much attention this guy’s just walking with his tail up.

In the air all the time looks like a scorpion will be along I keep stopping and just marking walking all the way along obviously this is his territory leopards have got a large Terrace for miles but much bigger territories and the females it’s just incredible that I could actually stay behind this guy he’s marking.

Bushes and trees just gives a shot moves on again definitely his territory all along yeah this is definitely not gonna lead me to any female.

For Cubs or anything like that but I’ve got nothing to do with the raising of cups and males don’t raise the cup gang into the bush want to go with him I know it’s not so clever to follow a little bit I don’t want to lose it might still be able to see what direction is taking I just hope that this territory marking isn’t for my.

Benefit because whether he likes it or not I’m going in closer I don’t like this too much I’m not gonna lose this.

Charles I’ve been right on the slippers that’s gone straight ahead yeah if it gets into this bush I’m gonna lose.

If I might never get a chance again everybody knows.

You don’t go into thick bush with a leopard that the slip is not a wounded it’s not frightened that didn’t even react to me it’s quite a ton I’m taking a bit of a chance I gotta try and get class out on the.

Track again in fact I can actually smell it it’s leopard has been sent here as far as its Crimea marking territory I can actually smell that pungent smell sure it’s not too far ahead yes a print quite a clear print I’m grateful for that he’s left the bush knees back onto the sandy track of him I might still be able to follow him a little further Jesus did you see that leopards lying right here.

Totally camouflaged almost walked on top of it the animal was right.

There in my full vision and I couldn’t see it by Gerard car like this it just shows you’ve got to be.

Wherever you go and you might be looking straight at the animal you walk right into it if it turns on me wow that was luck I don’t know who got more of a shock.

Him or me and I still didn’t get a decent photo.

I’m beginning to think I might’ve bitten off a bit more than I can chew my only option is to keep doing what I have been doing check past haunts and search for tracks on the roads and dry riverbeds but there’s one place.

I’ve been putting off exploring it’s only accessible on foot I decide it’s time to give it a try elephants may look like lumbering Giants but they can easily outrun me they’re a big reminder that I need to be constantly on my god these ravines are great places for Leopard I might even find tracks in the sand and a typical area for dens the steep banks and close vegetation have me completely hemmed in leopards are ambush hunters and I know they’re.