Austin Stevens Adventures – Man Eating Leopard [documentary Series] | Wild Things

Close by leopard feces no question about it if you look yeah you can actually see the fur from the coats or whatever animal this might have been at one time.

No question about it let Patrice’s and it’s fresh the ravine opens up into a beautiful rocky riverbed that’s fantastic just look at that I’ve got perfect prints absolutely perfect and sharp in the widths.

And still haven’t even dried out this is something I could only dream of getting if I can just find.

This female it must be a female taking her cubs.

Along and might just be laid to a den but suddenly the prince died out and the Barons make further tracking impossible but it’s not a complete something else it’s.

It’s a warm song a tree snake it’s a green bloom slime just like these are one of the most interesting snakes in a beautiful thing as well I just gotta be careful he’s not an aggressive snake they don’t.

Normally go out of their way to bite you and if you.

Fool with him like this you might just have a problem okay what I want to do is just so I can shame to more carefully just get him behind the head a little bit no one you gonna let me touch.

Your head I’ll put him on the rock see if I can pin him down I don’t want to put my hand there without doing that never before is the most dangerous part take my snake behind the head.

From that position I can easily show you what those eyes look like they’re enormous odds well slugs see pretty well and they need to because they have to catch things in trees.

Like lizards and birds ok he’s opening his mouth I’m rattling oh look at that you can just see quite.

Clearly there now those fangs come forward look at him pushing them forward you need only be scraped by one of those things just scratched and that’s enough venom to kill.

Being no problem at all look at the coloring on the snake it’s stunningly beautiful I mean they got green but they aged in black these big scoots at the bottom make it easy to get over trees and hold.

Onto branches and stuff like it see how easy moves the title ago that he can grip onto anything look he makes a knot I could let go the.

Whole snake like that and you would just hang.

On that not even there fantastic it’s.

Got perfect not overly this guy seemed to be crossing the riverbed heading for the big trees.

Over there now it’s a safer place when he’s pretty exposed yeah well take him over drop him in the trees let him be.

Off and I’ll carry on searching for leopards.

Is quite relaxed get my stuff together I head back into the bush to see if I can pick up the Leopards trail again but.

Yeah i’ma scrub is not just the ground you need to watch a leopard will often hide in the treetops ready to power come quick I kept there seeing the whole price of gangsol Oh treat I’m gonna see if I can get it say Jung Hwan receive on get up it it’s an African rock python they can grow up to 6 meters long but this one looks like a youngster snake sense vibrations and unfortunately I’m making enough of those too scary more guys right yes yes the whole oh.

Man this hole goes all the way down to the bottom the tree in Slovenia I’ll never get to look at this I’ve.