Austin Stevens Adventures – Man Eating Leopard [documentary Series] | Wild Things

Got to kill up yeah there’s a little.

So concentrate on the snack I didn’t see it that’s a little it.

Looks like a grey duiker it’s been hooked in the tree and most of its eaten but there’s still a piece yeah leopards been up here they’ve been pulling on the fur this is all further I’ve caught.

Over here and there’s a lot of ants yeah but these guys are gonna come back I’ve got a large diner fur I better get.

Really quickly this guy could come back any minute and this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for if I can bring my car yeah I can stake him out but I was get away before he gets you I might just be able to.

Get my car on the side of the ravine.

But it’s going to be tricky and I need to be quick so this is.

The last thing I need Buffalo dung very fresh as well that’s what worries me when I’m on foot in the bush like a thick bush like this anything could be lurking out there sure enough something is it’s butter on a big herd of.

Buffalo moved in while have been away they’ve surrounded my vehicle I need to get to the vehicle so very dangerous needs a lot of coffee as well which makes it even more dangerous you startled Buffalo you come close contact with them they don’t turn away they come straight for.

You they let you have it they don’t give up until you did find.

A way around to my vehicle all it needs is one Buffalo to charge and the whole herd could turn on me thankfully these guys seem as nervous as I am and appeared to take refuge behind my dear time to get.

Out of yeah as quick as I can the only way out is to use my trusty vehicle meant to push my way through the ring of horn.

And muscle now I can get back to the leopard kill but it’s tricky to pinpoint that one stream I.

Even lose track of where the ravine is coupled with a difficult terrain the trip that.

Took me just 15 minutes on foot takes.

Over an hour to retrace in my view when I finally find this alleged killer game nothing has changed the durka is exactly as it was I’ve beaten the leper to it this is probably a bit of overkill I don’t want to take any chances and I’ve got a fresh leopard kill up there and that’s a rare opportunity I’m going to be a waiting and watching that’s a fairly fresh kill so I don’t know how long.

The lift that’s gonna be it could be within the next 12 hours or 24 hours but I’m just gonna have to be ready for it after.

All those days of searching it seems ironic that I end up sitting in my vehicle waiting for Africa’s most elusive predator to come to me staking out the tree kill pays off incredible I was hoping for one leopard got you this could be the break I’ve been hoping for the smaller leopard looks to be around 18 months.

Old just about ready to look.

After itself not exactly the young cub I was looking for but.

Certainly close enough I’m pretty sure this is a mother and her cub it’s growing updating the mother stays back as sentry this is definitely an older leopard I mean you can see straight away look.

At the years especially the years are quite tattered there’s quite an old female I was hoping I’d get shots of.