New Discovery The Universe Questions About The Biotechnical Revolution

Have you begun exploration we discussed the fascinating world of science and its impact on society and once again I’m going to answer some of the emails that I constantly get I can’t possibly answer all of them however I will try to answer some of them on air well let’s just jump right into some of the emails that I.

Get and some of the questions that I get first question concerns SpaceX how close are we to the commercialization.

Of outer space well it turns out that SpaceX the firm started by Elon Musk the billionaire it turns out that this year was a banner year for that organization rocket after rocket sailed into outer space and more important.

Came down as scheduled these are reusable rockets Rakas whose boosters are not simply jettisoned over the Atlantic Ocean never to.

Be seen a from again know these Rockets take off like a conventional rocket the upper stages then fire away but.
The booster rocket has his own retro rockets that.

Allows it to slow down and land on a platform this is a dream come true and SpaceX has done it a number of times it’s not just a fluke they’ve demonstrated the capability of commercial organizations like SpaceX field being a very complex infrastructure allowing them to send rockets to the International Space Station and then bring them back this could answer one of the key criticisms of the space program and that is.

The question of cost it cost roughly ten thousand dollars to put a pound of anything into near-earth orbit that’s your weight.

In gold so why not have a rocket that is reusable thereby reducing the cost of space travel well after several successful launches.

That’s inevitable Elon Musk suffered a major setback when its rocket blew up spectacularly on the launch pad however we should also point out that this lot more at stake than just the fortunes.

Of SpaceX if you’re back in t13 it looked very bleak for the space program the space shuttle was cancelled the replacement for the space shuttle the constellation was cancelled the moon program was cancelled and the Mars program was also cancelled and our astronauts are red white and blue astronauts had the thumb rise on Russian booster rockets to get up to the International Space Station this was humiliating President.

Barack Obama said that we have to inspire young people because of the legacy of Sputnik however is hard to energize young people about the age of Sputnik when you cancel Sputnik and you cancel the manned space program well to be fair President Barack Obama also said that we have to rely on private enterprise to pick up the slack and Elon Musk is an example of what President Barack Obama was talking about that is using.

Not taxpayers money but using investors money now to fill the galaxy of rockets that can take payloads into outer space in fact Elon Musk is even more daring he announced that in just two more years he expects to send the first unmanned rocket ship.

About this this guy’s an entrepreneur he’s a billionaire he uses his own financing and the financing of investors.

To shoot rockets to the International Space Station and now he wants to go to Mars just realize that only handful of nations have been able to reach Mars and here’s an.