New Discovery The Universe Questions About The Biotechnical Revolution

Entrepreneur saying that he not.

Only is going to send unmanned space probe to Mars by 2018 he may also entertain the idea of spending a manned mission to Mars even before.

NASA does what’s the game plan the game plan here is that Elon Musk wants to create a to planet civilization he believes that it’s simply too dangerous to put humanity on just one planet he wants humanity to flourish.

On at least two planets and that is Mars and the planet Earth because according to the laws.

Of physics the earth is doomed ice ages meteor impacts super volcanic eruptions not to mention the death of the Sun itself all of them are mandated by the laws of physics and geology and astronomy.

So at some point yeah we’re going to have to leave.

The earth it’s not a question of if it’s a question of when either we adapt we flee or we die that’s the law of evolution realize that over 99.9% of all animal species have perished on the planet Earth most species never make it and the question is will Homo sapiens.

Species that simply don’t make.

It just remember that the dinosaurs didn’t have a space program and that’s why they’re not here today because they didn’t have a space program.

Well we do have a space program and out of self-interest out of self-interest I think is good to take a few steps toward becoming a two-planet species and speaking about two-planet species are there planets out there that have intelligent life forms on them well in 2015 last year a signal was detected finally astronomers released the information to the public freaking people.

Out and that is we might have might have detected the first signal from an extraterrestrial.

Civilization in fact the signal was so strong that only an advanced civilization could have sent that message so in other words the internet was set abuzz with the news that perhaps there’s an advanced civilization out there.
Wanting to make contact with the.

Planet Earth well let’s look at.

The facts and look at the speculation the signal came in at 11 gigahertz it came from the constellation Hercules it was picked up by radio telescopes based in Russia and it did seem for a while that this was an anomalous signal could not have been natural it must have been extraterrestrial however now the Russian radio telescope installation is beginning to backtrack a bit now is beginning to say that well you know there’s always a possibility it may have been a quote terrestrial origin unquote in other words probably an.

Airplane probably one of our own satellites who knows but it leaves open the opportunity that it was not an intelligent advanced civilization and out of space it was just a satellite or a jet airplane or any number of possibilities that are of quote terrestrial origin we should also point out that last year.

Yet another signal was picked up it was a signal that.

Periodic and it seemed to again come from out of space scientists were skeptical so they tracked it and it turns out that it came from a microwave oven yes somebody opened a microwave oven they could duplicate that signal and we also of course have the famous.