New Discovery The Universe Questions About The Biotechnical Revolution

WoW signal back in 1977 when the search for extraterrestrial civilization just began radio telescopes picked up a WoW.

Signal much more powerful than the signal picked up from the constellation Hercules but it was never seen from again it just disappeared no matter how many times people have looked for our repeat of the WoW.

Signal you see science is done of things that are testable reproducible and falsifiable so if you claim to have been abducted by a flying saucer well maybe you were but maybe you weren’t it’s not testable it’s not.

Reproducible it’s not falsifiable therefore all we scientists can say is uh-huh uh-huh maybe but maybe not because there.

Are other possibilities as well so I tell my friends that if they have ever been abducted by a flying saucer from outer space for God’s sake steal something I don’t care what it.

Is a paperweight a pencil a paperclip a chip any alien technology so you.

Can have Bragg afterwards I see I was abducted by a flying saucer and here’s the proof or if the saucer people did forbidden experiments on your private.

Parts then why not show them alien DNA that would clench it right there no ifs ands or buts so there are many ways to clenching it but they evolved things that are testable reproducible and falsifiable simply saying that you saw something in your backyard well maybe you did.

See something in your backyard but that’s simply not enough proof and speaking about anomalies on a space the Dyson Sphere is still causing a certain amount of worries among astronomers last year when scientists were looking at the eclipsing of a star by a companion object was.

Likely an exoplanet moving around the star they find that usually Starlight dims by about one percent so let’s say when Jupiter moves in front of our Sun a distant civilization in outer space would say that the sunlight from our Sun did find almost 1% well here’s the problem there’s an.

Object out there 500 light-years.

From the planet Earth and it’s star light dimmed by 20% this was shocking this.

Is incredible Jupiter the biggest planet in our solar system can only dim starlight by 1% what can possibly dim starlight by 20% well people rattle off all the usual suspects meteors and comets and dust and all sorts of things but they eventually gave up the best they could.

Come up with is very feeble maybe quote a comet storm whatever that is that may be responsible for it but most astronomers have simply.

Shaken their heads and said we don’t know well of course the science fiction buffs are out there and they say well maybe it’s a Dyson Sphere maybe it’s a technology of a type two civilization a civilization thousands of years ahead of us capable of building an object.

Bigger than Jupiter capable of harvesting all the energy from the mother Sun well of course we can speculate all we want we still don’t know.

The answer we’re simply waiting for the next recurrence because if something happens it must.

Be reproducible that’s the key to science and so scientists are waiting.

For that star to have a dimming of star light it’s happened twice so far it’s off the charts in terms of a phenomenon for which we have no plausible explanation think about that also the shockwaves from the.

Discovery of Proxima be is still reverberating through the halls of astronomy laboratories as you recall astronomers announced that they got it they hit the jackpot and that is they found the holy grail of planetary astronomy and that.

Is to find the closest earth-like planet to ours.

Planet Earth in other words a double ganger of the planet Earth in outer space well the closest star to the earth is Proxima Centauri you can’t get any closer than that 4.2 light-years in the planet Earth and bingo and bingo astronomers found a planet going around Proxima Centauri they called it part samadhi and it indicates that yes it is earth-like.

And there could be many planets just like Proxima be in our galaxy the latest estimates.

Are between fifty to a hundred percent of the stars we look at.

In the galaxy have planets going around them many the size of Jupiter however about 20% roughly 20% of the stars you see in the Milky Way galaxy have earth-like planets going around them this of course is astounding it means there could be a billion of billion earth-like planets in our.

Milky Way galaxy more than a billion it staggers the imagination to think about this but this is the latest scientific evidence coming from the Kepler satellite now because of the discovery of the closest earth-like planet all sorts of people are now jumping on the bandwagon trying to figure out well is there life on Proxima be what would it look like and maybe is if intelligent can we communicate with.

Them but I’ll try to break this time one by one whatever you found is that there’s a planet 30% larger than the planet Earth whose distance from the mother star is such that it could.

Plausibly have liquid oceans we don’t know for sure but the oceans on this planet by hypothetical oceans are not going to boil away because the planet is too close or freeze because the planet is too far in fact the planet is just right from the mother Sun to have a stable liquid ocean but we don’t know if there’s water on that planet we don’t know if it has an atmosphere we don’t know if it has oxygen that’ll take more decades.

Of hard work using what are called spectroscopes to analyze the radiation coming from the planet to see whether or not it is earth-like that is has an oxygen atmosphere and liquid water oceans well that hasn’t stopped people.

From speculating well what do they look like well because the gravity is only 30% stronger than the gravity of the planet Earth may they may actually be rather human-like in other words they’ll probably have some means of.

Locomotion tentacles legs appendages whatever but they’re probably have three characteristics which made us become intelligent first is stereo eye sites of some sort we have two eyes not because we look handsome or pretty because of that we have two eyes because we have.

Vision of a hunter hunters are smarter than prey that’s why we say smart as a fox and dumb bunny foxes have to zero in on the prey that’s why their eyes to the front of their face think of a lion a tiger think of animals that eat other animals and you realize.

That all of them have eyes at the front of their face in order to.

Lock onto the prey hide camouflage ambush and then chase after the prey however if you’re a dumb bunny all you have to do is run all you have to do is have eyes to the side of your face like deer because then you have 360-degree vision and you can see the predator.

Coming your way and after that all you have to do is run so chances are even though of course we’re not positive chances are intelligent life will be decided from predators hopefully they will have ironed out their differences with the life-form so they don’t want they’ll want to eat us we’re probably not going to be.

Made out of the same DNA but more than likely they will be.

Descended from predators second we have an opposable thumb which allows us to manipulate the environment a tentacle a claw might work but our thumb is very good at manipulating tools and then we need a language in order to hand down information from one generation to the next generation in order to hunt communally share information and discoveries now let me ask you a question let me ask you a question how many.

Animals do you know of think of all the animals that you know how many animals that you know of have stereovision.

Some kind of opposable thumb of some sort and some kind of language by which to hand out information generation to generation and you may say.

To yourself oh my god the answer is basically none or maybe perhaps some of the primates come close to that perhaps they have a primitive language perhaps they’re not as dexterous as we are but they can.

Just about wield a tool and yeah they have stereo eyesight the eyes of a hunter well you begin to.

Realize something very quickly and that is the animals in the forest the animals in the ocean are simply not equipped to evolve into.

Intelligent species now this has rather interesting implications it means that maybe we have first of all overrated intelligence maybe we have overrated at thinking that nature strives to create intelligent beings but actually there are thousands and thousands of creatures on the planet Earth that do just well.

All in themselves without being intelligent at all so on one hand you can draw the conclusion that maybe intelligence is overrated.

Be intelligent to survive in the forest I mean think about it for a moment if you were to be stripped down so they had no clothes and you were to be thrown into the snows of let’s say New Jersey into the forest there how long could you survive.

And what about animals that do survive just well foraging in the forests of New Jersey when it’s snowing and then you.

Realize that well yeah maybe intelligence has been overrated but then you have another conclusion as well and that is maybe intelligence is so precious that it took four billion years to get intelligence off the ground I mean think about it for a moment we’re looking for earth-like doppelgangers an out of space but.

We already have a twin and that is ourselves our earth is earth-like duh of course our earth is earth-like because it is the earth and how.

Long did it take for intelligent life to get off the ground of a planet Earth well we’ve been around for about a hundred thousand years or so the earth has been around before and a half billion years and so then you learn something rather remarkable and that is perhaps intelligence is so precious so extraordinary that it took four and a half billion years for intelligent.

Life to get off the ground on and it’s on a planet that is earth-like that is the planet Earth itself while also speaking about biology let’s say a few things about alzheimers disease many people think that Alzheimer disease could be the disease.

Of the Sun we have the aging baby.

Boomers we have the fact that the population of China is aging population of Japan is aging faster than any other nation on the.

Europe is aging and it means that we could have an epidemic of alzheimers disease in fact in Japan for example in the suburbs of Tokyo you have whole areas out there.

In the suburbs where 20% 20%.

Homes have been abandoned abandoned like almost like ghost towns young people are fleeing into Tokyo the old people out there are suffering from Alzheimers they’re retired they can’t move out they can’t move to Tokyo’s too expensive for them and when they die the kids simply throw in the towel they throw away the key and abandon.

These homes 20% incredible 20% of some of.

The suburbs have been abandoned because the people living there are mainly the very elderly the retired and people afflicted.

With Alzheimer’s disease in fact if you watch tampines television you realize that there are special after specials about alzheimers disease and its effect on the japanese population well after many false starts we have now the first little bit of good news amyloid protein gums up the brain where there is.

A cause or a symptom of Alzheimers we don’t know there been many attempts to clear out this amyloid gum that clogs up the brain and finally we have a candidate it was only been tested on less than 200 people but it does seem to clear up the amyloid proteins and again this is the first ray of hope the first glimmer.

In trying to contain the Alzheimers epidemic much research still has to be done you cannot rely in just 2200 people not.

To mention the fact that there perhaps there are.

Other reasons that the brain comes down with alzheimers disease and dementia but let’s.

Face it this is the first good ray of hope when it comes to raining in one of the deadliest killers of modern times and that is alzheimerís we should also point out that there is a competing theory the.

Competing theory says that it may be as an infection of some sort that causes inflammation and that these Alzheimer’s plaques are a defense mechanism by which the body used to try to encapsulate the virus or the bacteria well even if that rival theory is true clearing out the amyloid protein still may be a good thing because open to this theory the body.

Over reacts the body over reacts to this infection by creating massive amounts of amyloid protein to encapsulate and imprison these viruses.