New Discovery The Universe Questions About The Biotechnical Revolution

And bacteria sort of like our autoimmune diseases when the body over reacts.

And begins to destroy itself in the form of arthritis lupus and any number of autoimmune diseases but time will tell time will tell whether or.

Not we finally have at least the glimmer of a hope against Alzheimer’s well I’m afraid that’s it for the first part of exploration and in the second half of exploration we’re going to talk more about medicine we’re going to talk.

About the promise and perils of biotechnology and with this today is.

One of the leaders in that field a very young gentleman who’s already made as Mark we’re going to talk to Robert Lanza and we’re going to talk about the.

Promise and perils are one of the greatest discoveries of our modern times and that is the ability to play with our genes so stay tuned now for the.

Second half of exploration welcome once. Michio Kaku professor of theoretical physics at the City College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York in the second half of exploration we’re going to talk about inner.

Space that is the space inside our bodies the revolution that was set off by the human genome project the revolution of biotechnology that has changed the face.

Of medicine in fact medicine today is just totally different than what it was before the human genome project with the human genome project we can actually understand how medicines work we can understand how the body is put together we can understand how germs attack the human body and it’s causing a tremendous revolution in medicine and it’s also in the news for example.

The Zika virus already scientists have sequenced the genes of the Zika virus and are preparing a counter-attack perhaps vaccines perhaps genetically engineered mosquitoes that are sterile all sorts of different kinds of ideas are being tried because of our knowledge of biotechnology but let’s not be naive about this either there are going to be enormous sociological implications of biotechnology as well not just.

Cloning but also the ability to manipulate our genetic heritage.

If you can eliminate a gene from your family tree forever perhaps a gene that causes disease or perhaps a.

Gene that’s eliminated purely for cosmetic reasons and we also be Olympics recently and in Brazil the Olympics.

Committee is already worried about how genetic engineering may shape the athlete of tomorrow we have already found the Mighty Mouse gene now we found the.

Schwarzenegger gene that allow people to bulk up genetically and so in the future are you going.

To pay good money to see a baseball team.

Knowing that the winner will simply be those that had better geneticists and better ability.

To manipulate the genes for muscle and coordination anyway all sorts of implications are raised by valve technology so with us today is dr. Robert Lanza one of the leaders in this field will talk to us about the implications of the.

Biotech revolution well as a young boy I was really allowed outside the house so I was on my own and I went to the pond to catch snapping turtles and would climb.