New Discovery The Universe Questions About The Biotechnical Revolution

Should be able to do this now about two months ago I did a book tour in London and I went to Oxford I.

Had dinner with Richard Dawkins one of the leading biologists in the world and he’s on record as stating that perhaps one day we’ll be able to take the genome of a human compare it to the genome of a chimpanzee analyzed.

The genes that are different and then with a computer program interpolate interpolate between them in order to get the best approximation for the genome of the missing link Australopithecus now of course he says this is an outrageous idea it’s very careful to say that but it’s an idea that can’t be ruled.

Out you have any thoughts about says such an outrageous idea as one day bringing back not just a Neanderthal but the missing link I I think all that is possible in the future there’s no question about it once once we.

Have the tools to manipulate the genetics you know already today we know how to knock out genes for instance to increase the muscle mass of an animal to twice its original amount so I think we already have some of those tools and we’re adding them very quickly so yes I.

It could be done and but as you mentioned I think is this ethical concern that will probably prevent it from occurring I mean even when we you know generated the.

First cloned embryo even for medical purposes I mean it was a huge outcry it’s very very controversial so yes in theory I think we will eventually.

Have the scientific tools to do it the question will be should we and speaking about ethics and the dark side maybe you saw the movie the island in that movie is a very dark plot people find out much to their shock that they are actually clones clones of a real person they didn’t realize that.

They were imposters they always thought they were real humans but they were cloned in order to harvest the organs of their body in other words they were raised to be killed so that the organs of their body could be harvested and then given to a rich man who actually paid.

Big bucks to have their body cloned now of course you.

Can’t call memories that’s not possible but do you think that is the way some people are going to go or you think will simply grow organs separately from having to clone the.

Yeah why I think there’s a consensus in the medical and scientific community that you would never allow any kind of a clone to go past the first on several days of cell division so it would be smaller than you know the head of a pen so I think what we would do is what.

We’re doing now is is you would create embryonic stem cells or what we call now IPS cells for Cory Pope stem cells and and those cells are immortal and they grow and we can now turn those into virtually every cell type in the body into a new techniques that are developing in a field known as tissue engineering we can reconstitute those into more complex tissues and straw in fact I published a paper.

With with Tony a teller a number of years ago where we actually used cloned cells from a cow to create actually to grow in the lab kidneys that actually were able to remove toxic materials when we transplanted them back into the animal they were cloned from in those.