The Secrets Of Laos Wonderland Documentary 2017

That they do not regularly East Asian porcupine big animals such as porcupines have become rare hunting pressure is on the rise and forests near densely populated areas have been effectively depleted oh man yeah illegal trade in exotic animals is another problem for a rare.

Turtle species collectors will pay almost any price yeah it’s definitely a softshell turtle but by now Marlene’s team has some experience with rare animals one of their cameras captured an austin civet an extremely rare species one night a hog badger released the trigger a little-known species in Laos it’s the first photograph in this country taken in the wild in spite of new discoveries.

What the scientists find in the markets is whirring it’s a confusing image on the one hand animals are recklessly hunted on the.

Other researchers discover ever new wonders Arlene and her Lucian colleagues are convinced that in spite of mounting problems Laos is Indo China’s last natural paradise nowhere else is there so much terra.

Incognita land and wildlife that is little known to science the limestone labyrinth of the pool in Boone National Park the Anna might mountains.

On the Vietnamese border the primeval forests rugged canyons and uncharted rivers are this.

Country’s most precious treasures for many adventurers and scientists when they think of Laos this is the place of their dreams however their enthusiasm for this wilderness has nothing to do with dreaming they simply know that many species could not survive anywhere else hornbills for example need an abundance of wild fruit and ancient trees.

To nest him this is why they are only found in primeval forests the same is true for the tiger the elephant and the Asian black bear these bizarre limestone formations are an ideal barrier against invaders of all kinds though draped in lush greenery the rocks here are needle.

Sharp and brittle there is no root over the mountains but there is one right through them the nam hin boun river.

In central laos has undermined the porous rock and created a cave seven kilometers in length better still the cave is actually a tunnel suitable for boats this natural tunnel is up to 100 meters wide in places its ceiling rises high to form underground cathedrals one can only guess at what is hidden up there in the dark for brief moments stark tights and.

Snowy white sand banks glisten stranded jungle Giants shimmer in the glue during the monsoon the water level almost reaches the ceiling in the dry season it sinks.

To a low of just a few centimeters in this labyrinth of crags and jungle natural-born climbers like the white-handed Gibbons have it made clumsy humans scrambling along between rocks and.

Underbrush need an entire day for a distance a Gibbon can do within minutes Gibbon pairs stay together for life juveniles can be recognized by their light coat a juvenile will accompany its parents for two years and is tenderly cared for this small family alone needs a territory of 20 hectares white-handed Gibbons.

Depend on a diet exclusively a fruit only large forests can cater to such needs white-handed Gibbons totally avoid ground contact only swinging from branch to branch at breathtaking speed if necessary apart from.

Burns they are the fastest moving species in the canopy climbing like this seems like defying gravity but it takes training the aspiring junior has not quite reached his father’s elegance mid-april Luang Prabang is beginning to celebrate the Buddhist new year new year is a.

Time of cleansing symbolically as well as physically family home or temple all across the country people are now busy cleaning washing the statues with sacred water is a good deed and a sign of renewal the spirits of the old year are driven out new spirits will come with the approaching monsoon days before the actual holiday begins all the people are out and about profane feasts take turns with traditional customs and religious rituals to avoid evil surprises at rebirth it.

Is necessary to lay up good deeds selling songbirds in tiny cages is now big business people buy the birds to release them as a climax of the festivities tiny fish served the.

Same purpose the markets are busy and loud but there is a place of sacred silence down by the Meiko two hours by boat upstream of the cave temples of PACU many legends are told about.

This shrine which is visited by pilgrims from across Asia over decades believers have left thousands of Buddha figures of bronze wood or clay time and these figurines have turned pakku into a religious site of world renown April is not only the month of New Year it is also the giant catfish season we are now on the Thai side of the Mekong but there is no trace of catfish remembering the biologists in Laos we decide to do some market research and.

This method proves successful unfortunately our first catfish is dead it is a rather small specimen but.

It’s definitely the species we’ve been looking for this fish comes from a.

Fish farm catfish are being bred from the eggs of animals caught in the wild there is no way this fish could have been caught in the Mekong juvenile fish larvae or eggs have never been found along the 4000 kilometers of the rivers length the only encounters have been with adult animals in.

The Delta and right here before the monsoon yet there is not a single fishing boat out there why if anyone can provide an answer it is Krang sac all his life the fisherman has been after catfish the biggest one he ever caught he says weighed 280 kilos Wow honey so buying a gun make him wonder not come on be.

On my shower so if the phone rings each year his crew used to catch two or three giant catfish in a good year up to several men well I’m a hard man to partner in the early days well they were very heavy we sold the fish to the lotions for a small fortune today people hardly.

Go fishing anymore it’s also prohibited by the government whenever we catch a catfish we can only keep it long enough to wait and then we have to release it who goes fishing in order to release a fish when he was younger.

There was up to sixty fishing boats on the mekong and at the beginning of the season.

Both Thai and Lao Shi ins used to celebrate a big feast Pangasius gears the.