The Secrets Of Laos Wonderland Documentary 2017

World’s biggest freshwater fish is threatened by extinction as recently as the 80s some 60 giant catfish will netted each year now there is.

A total of two or three the reason is.

The reckless exploitation of the catfish population Thailand too is now considering a radical protection otherwise the giant.

Of the Mekong will soon be history hopefully the mountain forests will render better news for six months the video camera and the fifty photo traps have been out in the forest the video camera has taken many pictures during daylight but.

There are no animals to be seen possibly large insects have crossed the photoelectric beam at night the camera records infrared images an entire week passed before the first picture was taken stealthily as if it.

Had got wind of the camera a red montiek a small deer species sneaks by giant bats chase through the night.

Air many nights later a sambar deer appears this species is about the same size as a European red deer and another sambar always alert ready to break into flight it’s obvious that this area offers prey for big cat one day when changing batteries.

The service team discovered Tiger tracks near the camera so there is at least one tiger gliding through the jungle at night did he only pass through or is this his territory perhaps one of the photo traps can tell us more Arlene and her team would be more than.

Happy with just one shot of a tiger proof of its presence a month later they dismount the cameras little do they know that they already hold a sensation in their hands over the dry season the cameras are distributed.

Across several hundred square kilometers of the protected area getting.

Them back is a tedious job the crew are nervous have the cameras worked were they placed correctly what will be on the films once they’re developed a few weeks later in the WCS office in vientiane the capital of Laos more.

Than two thousand photos of the dry seasons trappings are laid out on the table we were very thrilled with the results um.

In fact we found a really high diversity of carnivores large and small carnivores at the site where we’ve been working.

Which has been exceptional in Indochina in the protected area there are at least six cat species as well as 14 other carnivores some.

Of them never photographed in the wild in Laos many predators on the red list for this region walked by a camera at least once and here are the stars a clouded leopard as rare as the blue Mauritius an Asian golden cat might active and rarely seen by humans a leopard the number two in the ranking of big.

Cats a pair of marbled cats for practically unknown species but the biggest surprise of all in the survey area five different Tigers have been photo trapped from this it could be projected that at least seven perhaps up to 20 Tigers.

Inhabit this part of the park the most important result of the WCS project is the realization that in spite of poaching and trade in wild species this area is still a.

Refuge for Tigers one of Asia’s last it’s not too late for protection measures from the ACA’s perspective.

The nervous counting of threatened species is a Western obsession the men will hunt as long.