The Secrets Of Laos Wonderland Documentary 2017

As there is anything turned and if one day the animal should.

Disappear it’s not the fault of crossbow and rifle the most serious threat to laos and its natural wealth is forest clearing and the consequent loss of soil compared to the rest of Asia lasses human population of 5.5 million is small and yet it’s growing dramatically illegal timber harvesting here a controversial River Dam their progress locks loud and hard on lasses door the New Year’s celebration revolves around water other ingredients are flour and deafening noise like an explosion of life the annual celebration sweeps through the streets.

Of the time-honoured city luang probang and its otherwise quiet inhabitants have changed beyond.

Recognition the official climax is the big parade in a palanquin prabang the country’s most important buddhist statue is carried through the streets the parade is.

Said to follow a precise choreography if that is so it is impossible to recognize for a stranger all the ethnic groups are represented there are dancers beauty queens and dignitaries and after a while the.

Parade dissolves into a wild party the masses flow down to the Mekong island a large sand bank that only appears during the dry season the otherwise quiet mekong turns.

Into a chaotic waterway the source of the merriness is not just brandy and beer but the joyful expectation of the monsoon the air is hot and the land parched the rains will soon bring relief as a salute to Buddha the families build carefully decorated temples and stupas of sand now it’s time for good deeds finally the poor songbirds are.

Allowed to escape and the fish those who have survived the journey in their plastic bags can now return to the river soon the.

Mekong will wash away the footprints the spits paper plates bottles and huts for three months water will.

Be the dominating element cascades of it will rush from all the mountain science where the young fisherman is standing now there will be.

Deep water in some places the Mekong Rises 15 meters it will flood the plains feed irrigation channels and make the rice grow in southern Laos is the sprawling temple of.

Vat poo erected by the Khmer people in the 11th century it’s weathered stones tell of the decline and fall the Khmer Kingdom and all the past rulers of this region over the centuries Burmese.

Siamese and French occupied the land Laos was devastated by American bombs and communist experiments but the vicissitudes of history have come.

And gone like the changing seasons in the end Laos has emerged as what it has always been an enchanting yet stubborn wilderness and a land of farmers.

A land not ruled by kings but by the monsoon and the Mekong a natural Wonderland i fishing-boat Laos has recently prohibited the catching of catfish because the species is threatened by extinction for hours the Thais sail up and down the river only to return home with empty Nets what has happened to the giant catfish if there is an answer it is found on the Thai.

Side of the river like the Mekong the northern mountains are also full of secrets the ARCA.

People live along the Chinese border many of their villages can only be reached by foot journeys often lasting several days through thick mountain forests hunters like sueƱo are familiar with plants and animals no white man has ever seen he still uses the traditional Chinese crossbow.

Firearms are prohibited the hunters set up for the woods to try their luck unlike many lotions the akka are not Buddhist for them a hunt is also a visit to the realms of spirits where.

Rocks and plants are animated beings each a cow village has a spirit swing it’s the gate to a mystic cosmos it’s built in honor of the dead and must never be touched the Aqua came here from southern mean AMCOM mother.

All waters is what the people of laos call their river in the south the mekong is as wide as a.

Lake this waterscape is called Seif and on the four thousand islands when the rainy season starts most disappear overnight over a distance of one thousand nine hundred kilometres the.

Mekong carries Goods and people irrigates rice paddies and fills the nets of fishermen this river produces more fish than the entire Mediterranean Sea an annual 2 million tonnes the mekong boasts one of the world’s highest degrees of biodiversity scientists know many of its species only from hearsay these murky floods are.

Home to a legendary monster the giant catfish weighing 300 kilos it is the world’s biggest freshwater fish only.

A few people have ever seen.

A giant catfish at the fishermen in the northwest near the Thai border have hunted the giant for generations but even at the height.

Of the catfish season or we can find.

Is one time you louse a land ruled by the mekong one of the world’s mightiest rivers the Mekong is fed by tributaries hidden deep in pathless canyons it is a whim of history but centuries have passed with hardly a human foot trespassing in this wilderness and so today Laos can still boast a wealth of natural wonders unchartered rivers unclimbed mountains untouched forests inhabited by mysterious creatures Laos is a last hideout for some.

Of Asia’s big wild animals home to dozens of indigenous tribes and cultures and keeper of a Buddhist tradition long lost elsewhere.

Of crowded and buzzing Indochina there is a wonderland still on the brink of its first discovery.

In the northern province of who are farm a zoologist is on her way into the jungle Arleen Johnson is a specialist in Tigers being tongue is the vantage point of her expedition a village on the fringe of the.

Protected area Arlene and her team on a mission for the Wildlife Conservation Society or WCS and allows national forestry department when we started doing our fieldwork in 2003 the goal of the project was to understand better the distribution and abundance of tiger and their prey in the Nama pooi protected area 5000.

Cameras will be installed in the mountain forests they will record anything that moves.

Only during the dry season can one travel here without sinking into deep mud a camera team will accompany the group and try to install a video camera along with the stills cameras the first camera trap will be positioned at a walking distance of two days Laos.