The Secrets Of Laos Wonderland Documentary 2017

Yet it is a land of water dominated by the mighty Mekong.

Beginning at a point where three countries Laos Thailand and China meet the Mekong runs southland it forms a long border line with Thailand and leaves Laos in the South.

Standing over the Kong for Peng waterfalls into neighboring Cambodia it is a spectacular and noisy China in contrast to.

The land of their origin their villages in Laos.

Still have a traditional look no tin roofs no electricity no plumbing the women’s decorative headgear is a highly visible symbol of the aqua culture the akka women are expert in needlework and weaving they dye the fabric for their clothes with indigo even though the men are hunters and trappers.

The akka are mainly farmers they clear the steep forest slopes with fire and they plant dry rice and vegetables the hunters have long disappeared into the jungle when the women set out on their way to the market selling a few vegetables is the ACA’s.

Only source of income the main market in the north is right on the Chinese border in Mohan Singh the market punctuates the region’s cultural complexity of nationalities tribes and languages the south is populated by Thai and Khmer the north by peoples from Tibet Burma and China Laos boasts more than 60 officially recognized ethnic minorities.