The Deepest Mega Project On Sea Amazing Full Documentary 2016

The mighty servant has brought the hall all the way from Singapore where it was built an incredible ten thousand mile journey now she has to offload her cargo and she does it in a very unusual.

Way huge ballast tanks inside will slowly flood letting the ship settle two stories lower in the water then the tugs will pull the hall free it’s as simple but.

Both the ship and its cargo can quickly become unstable and the huge towers of the whole can catch the wind like sails in a strong gust the whole could sway crushing anything in its path conditions have to be perfect but today that’s not what Mother Nature has in mind out in the Gulf of.

Mexico the solitaire is about to tackle a critical part of the independence gas.

Project the ships already laid miles of pipeline called the independence trail to bring processed gas to shore now it.

Has to install a massive T so that future pipelines can hook up to the independence trail first the crew must weld the T into the pipeline but there’s a problem the joint between the pipeline and the T has to be lined up perfectly and a tool used to align the joint is jammed inside the T.

Bringing the entire operation to a screeching halt while the rest of.

This massive factory Waits engineers scrambled to free the alignment tool a chain was and manpower does the trick a solitaire is in business again and the T moves.

Down the firing line now is when the operation gets dangerous as the pipeline exits the solitaires hall three powerful clamps called tensioners Barrett’s wait they hold the massive strain of nearly two miles of pipeline.

Hanging between the ship and the seafloor but to let the huge t pass each tensioner or clamp has to be opened one at a time and all the weight of the pipeline 655 tons is shifted to only two tensioners if one fails now hundreds of feet of pipe will whiplash through the ship on its way to the seafloor the solitaire starts to move the tea through the firing line the first of three tensioners opens all eyes watch as the.

T inches forwarding the other two tensioners strain under the load but.

They hold twice more one tensioner opens and the entire strain of the pipeline is held by the other two finally the T is on the other side of the tensioners on its way to the seafloor it’s a major success for the solitaire bringing the ship one.

Step closer to building the pipeline on schedule on the Texas coast the huge gas processing platform and the hole that will float it must be joined together but first the team has to get the.

Haul off this ship the mighty servant 3 this mega cargo ship off loads by sinking letting her cargo float for the last few hours a strong breeze has.

Made it too dangerous to move the hall but finally the wind has died down now the tricky business of sinking the mighty servant 3 begins the hulls massive towers jut up like four huge sails every.

Time the wind kicks up the massive structure strains against the mooring lines with tons of force on the bridge of a muddy servant the captain carefully controls the flooding of ballast tanks over the next 10 hours his ship slowly.