Empty Product Reviews

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel my name is silver today I’m going to be reviewing all my empty products so I have a big bag here with lots of products that I’ve used over the last two months maybe and I’m just gonna talk about whether I love them whether I hated them and hopefully that will give you.

Some ideas to go out and purchase or to maybe not purchase some things and I don’t want to like be batching a brand but I’m just gonna say my opinion and why.

Certain things didn’t work for me so if you’re interested what I’ve been using over the past couple months then please keep watching first thing I want to talk about is Guardian a.

My cellular water cleansing water so I use this to take off my makeup at the end of the day my eye makeup the blue one is waterproof or I’m sorry the blue one removes waterproof makeup there’s a pink.

One as well that I guess it doesn’t so I’ve.

Never used the pink one I just only use this one because I do have waterproof eyeliner sometimes mascara and eyelash glue is a bitch to get off a lot of eye makeup removers burn your eyes especially you know you’re rubbing your eye to get the makeup off closest to your waterline and it’s gonna get it in your eyes so this stuff does not burn and it works very well there is um there’s like a layer.

Of oil and then the product when you first get this so you have to shake it up and I think it works great I soaked my eyelashes and this as well next mystic with.

Like skincare I guess this is a Neutrogena face wash it’s the pink grapefruit foaming scrub I love this I’ve been using this since I was in high school and.

It smells so good and it’s a gentle scrub I.

Would use it it says clears.

Breakouts – there is 2% Susilo Cassatt I use this at nighttime because it is a little bit of an exfoliator so just to make sure I get.

All my makeup off and I think it is great this next product is a facial oil this is by herbivore and it is called orchid so it’s Jasmine and camomile facial oil I use this as a moisturizer at night time so after I wash my face and put on wrinkle cream or eye cream I would take this you.

Know do like one drop and put it kind of everywhere and rub it it was so nice it didn’t make my skin feel like greasy it just made it feel so smooth and then I would sleep and then in the morning kind of rinse it off and I definitely noticed that my skin was more hydrated and just in general looked a little better so this is a great oil I will repurchase this one for sure okay we have another guard EA.

This is like I’ve got this with I think with one of these like it came as a little free thing and it was a brightening and smoothing daily moisturizer.

There is SPF 15 in it I would use this in the morning after I wash my face if I was not going to wear makeup that day so if I just had a chill day put this moisturize moisturize our on just because it does have SPF and almost have like I feel.
Like a little sparkle to it or something um I liked the way it felt and.

The way it looked and I smelled I don’t know if I’ll repurchase just because I have so many other like moisturizers and stuff from Sephora that I’ve been trying but I don’t think it was bad okay here’s a moisturizer that I used up and this is by youth.