Empty Product Reviews

To the people this brand is on Sephora and I love it it’s made in California it’s I don’t know if it’s vegan but it’s definitely they don’t test on animals what is that like cruelty free this is the kale and spinach green tea hollar on I don’t know I’m pretty sure it’s there only like daily face moisturizer they only have like five products on the website but this is really good it says an age preventing moisture cream so I would just use this daily as my moisturizer before.

I put on my makeup I loved it I’ll probably repurchase it again but I like.

To try out different ones so I haven’t purchased it yet but I’ll probably go back to it eventually and then this is an eye cream that I used it’s by.

Its by I think fresh is the brand so this is a rose hydrating el hydrating eye gel cream I used this at nighttime after I washed my face.

Just on my eyelids and around and I liked it a lot it smells like cucumbers it’s good.

One last thing that’s kind of a face product I guess is a finish Maybelline fit me in the shade 220 foundation it’s the do smooth one I love it I have two more in front of me I will always repurchase I have one perfume so this is Elizabeth.

And James Nirvana white the two original ones were the white and black and I love.

The way the white one smells I already repurchased I’ve got dry shampoo by it oh it smells so good I don’t even know how to describe it I guess it’s like it’s definitely like a Rosie it’s very like amateur rosy scent I bought this in the winter time like around Christmas I think so this does this scent I like to wear more in like the winter or fall months just because it smells.

Like warm and reminds me of that time of year but yes I have already repurchased I bought the gift set so it came.

With a big bottle a mini one and a dry shampoo and it’s amazing.

All my other products are hair products and I want to start off with a bad one this one doesn’t even finish this is Kara color Glen dition err so it’s a conditioning cleanser so that means that it’s a one one and done product it is supposed to cleanse your hair a shampoo but then you don’t need to use conditioner with it and your hair should be silky smooth at the end that is the idea this.

Did not work for me it’s supposed to like be good for color-treated hair so I got this when I dyed my hair dark brown about a year ago.

And I only went through maybe.

Half of it it just one I felt like it wasn’t even cleaning my hair I would use it and get out of the shower and my roots would feel.

Like greasy or like as if I didn’t get everything out and so the first few times I thought maybe I’m doing something wrong and then I was like okay this just does not work for me I have really thick curly dry hair so I.

Don’t know if this is more for someone with thinner hair or finer hair but it didn’t work for me and I didn’t even.

Feel like it was really conditioning my hands I need like a deep conditioning mask and this just did not do it so maybe if you have shorter hair or finer hair than me it.

Might work for you but if you have thick curly dry hair then probably not a good idea this is a product by.