Empty Product Reviews

Your hands and then put it everywhere and then out of water like put your head under the shower to get it to like evenly lather and then when it.

Does lather it is so lathery and some people might not like it but I love a good laugh at when I’m washing my hair because then I feel like.

It’s doing something this just lathers up like crazy that’s almost kind of hard to get out so that once you are rinsing it out you have to rinse and rinse and rinse to make sure that it’s all the way out.

There’s been plenty of times where I will get out of the shower and I like still have shampoo in here and I can hear the suds so it’s a good shampoo but it’s a little difficult to use and then this.

Is the shiny spray I mentioned this and maybe like a favorites video it’s still definitely one of my favorite Chinese phrase I will repurchase again I love the out.

Buoy smell – it just takes me back to hair school I feel like I’m back at Paul Mitchell it’s a conditioning and illuminating shyness rate I.

Really feel like it does kind of it’s almost like an oil in a shiner as well.

So when I go to like flat iron my hair curl my hair I’ll spray each section with this and then run the flat iron over it and it just makes my hair silky and shiny and looks so healthy so it’s a great shine spray definitely check it out that was all my products.

Thank you so much for watching I’ll see you in my next video bye.