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Well hey guys have people October day what is this sixteen I think I’m not entirely sure anyways ah today I am it’s the end of the day actually and I am sitting outside of Ulta wanted to come in here for quite some time I’m at a different Ulta than I normally go into since I’ve moved out this one’s.

Actually a little bit closer and I’m hoping has maybe a larger inventory than other ulties.

I’ve been in before but yeah I thought I would buzz in here and check out the skincare you guys I don’t know you guys seem to enjoy these videos and it’s been a while since I’ve been in Ulta so check her out alright so I always get requests to review shea moisture and I genuinely genuinely.

Cannot recommend like any of second products aside from maybe their shampoos which I.
Have tried and enjoy but as far as.

Your skincare I can’t recommend it because it all has fragrance and essential oils in it particularly I cannot recommend this daily hydration in my cellar water micellar waters in general are very very problematic for taking your makeup.

Off they leave behind a residue that can be very irritating lead to a low-grade chronic irritation that you may not even be aware of you also can develop in.

Allergic reaction to anything in the micellar water particularly some of the preservatives this one is even more problematic because it also has olive oil in it don’t like olive olive oil derived yea olive oil all the fruit oil and olive oil is one of the plant oils that I.

Talked about in my oils in skincare video that actually has been shown in studies to impair the skin barrier and lead to increased transept thermal water loss.

I don’t recommend that their daily facial their daily hydration face lotion likewise again has the essential oils in it unfortunately and but if it didn’t this might this might be promising because it has green tea in it green tea is polyphenol rich and has been shown to be helpful in helping acne as well.

As diminishing the appearance of pores all right and then these insurer body conditioners I’m sure this has.

One’s got fragrance in it great but the in shower body conditioners or body in shower body moisturizers they’re all kind of gimmicky because they’re more expensive versions of just a basic moisturizer the way to.

Use a moisturizer in the shower and it’s actually a good idea is when you’re in the shower as soon as you turn the water out off before you step out of the shower and while your skin is still.

Wet slap the moisturizer on I like CeraVe moisturizing cream in the tub as well as Vani cream and variety of others have talked about my moisturizing videos but these tend to be watered-down fragrancy versions of the same thing.

And often or more expensive for example the Curel and charme body moisturizer that’s actually a good one it’s fragrance free but it’s really expensive and you can get the same effect from just using a basic moisturizer to wet skin in the shower all right I get a lot.

Of requests to review Dermalogica I like to refer to it as derma e illogical most of their products actually all of their products and not essential oils in them and are insanely expensive this is a little mini baby SPF 50 sunscreen dynamic skin recovery it is $25 for this tiny on.

The tube of a chemical sunscreen the chemical sunscreen you can get this set of fils sunscreen is a chemical sunscreen alright so this is no better of a sunscreen than any other SPF.

50 chemical sunscreen home you know that they have out there this one’s got the essential oils and itis they think this is aging smart you know somebody needs a mini Mental Status exam most of Kate’s products.

Are something out of your worst nightmare in high school she was she is in front of me but I can.

Kind of support the eradicate acne treatment that she has here it is a sandal Yvonne is acne spot treatment it’s actually not bad.

And has sulfur in it and suffers a great ingredient for like a spa treatment for the pimple it’s anti-inflammatory.

Can smell but she managed to not sneak fragrance in this this is better than Badescu strong language it could be illogical in that it has theoretically salicylic acid in it but the desk is I just went over there.

The desk use has it’s basically just calamine lotion which is very drying and irritating and as far as salicylic acid as a leave on treatment there are far better ones in the drugstore anyway about your good skin one the Proactiv MD line I’m just gonna break this down for you guys don’t spend this money on this stuff.
Okay this the cleansing wash to remove your makeup before you before.

You proceed is nothing more than a fragrance II wash so don’t spend $30 on a perfume a face wash they’re much better alternatives in the drugstore this this is different guys this is what they sell in the drugstore for a 14 bucks all.

Right you’re paying thirty-six bucks for this tube for this the pretty proactive MD tube that is the up charge here in this product don’t waste your.

Money on it just go buy it different in the drugstore this isn’t bad it’s just not the right price prescription-strength retinoid yeah you can get that in the drugstore different that’s what that is Proactiv MD daily oil control SPF 30 this is not.

A terrible sunscreen as far as the ingredients I can’t say anything bad about it aside from it’s a little expensive but this.
This would not be be bad it’s just pretty pricey and.

You know you can you can again you can find a chemical sunscreen with no fragrance in it in the drugstore for that much cheaper great you’re ready to save 200 bucks on the.

New face kit you guys always want me to review all right so there was a recent tiny study that showed daily facial exercises resulted in a modest emphasis.

Modest improvement in the appearance of photo aged skin namely wrinkles okay modest okay not not a huge revolution all right facial toning devices with microcurrent technology not really evidence-based to do too much of anything whatsoever furthermore these devices are not regulated by the FDA and we’ll explain in a moment we’re not regulated by the FDA in the same way as any kind of thing that you would get that you would get in a dermatologists office I mean the dermatologist wouldn’t when contour.

This lailatul whole thing FDA cleared basically means an FDA cleared is much much different than FDA approved FDA cleared means that basically this thing detonate on your face and cause you know a dangerous side effect it’s safe for sale but it doesn’t mean.

It’s effective okay and clinically tested means new face paid some people to rub it on their face and you.

Know they were biased into thinking that it worked but yeah I wouldn’t I wouldn’t I did review the for AFF oh yeah I’m not gonna lie I did kind.

Of like it because this is unlike the spin brush is much gentler and it was pretty effective very gimmicky as.

Far as the as far as the app that comes with it I mean you can lie to the app and I’ll tell you something.

Different it’s very a just by the way the app is everything in beauty he’s getting here anyways I actually liked it it was not bad it’s great if you.

Are somebody who scrub your face aggressively however the photo is no no like it were out it doesn’t I tried to recharge the.

Battery and just just like stopped working so I actually don’t recommend this one.

When I used it I kind of enjoyed it it’s a good you know way if you’re somebody who scrubs who scrubbed your face like take your aggression out.

On your skin this is kind of a good training wheel to stop that pretty pricey.

Right I don’t recommend buying any of this crap innocent you are AB but protect and glow on the go all right let me break it down for you right here all of this has fragrance in it so that was failure number one on your.

Ants part this is a two percent for hydroquinone which you can buy in the drugstore it’s called ambi fade cream I read this is not anything special over that it’s got you’re not limiting 1lu fragrance yeah Andy’s got that too so they’re.

Both the same but Bambi is a heck of a lot cheaper if you are allergic to fragrance my recommendation if you want to pursue over-the-counter 2% hydroquinone is squint.

Skin lightener is the pca skin pigment gel unfortunately it’s expensive but it is fragrance free and I like it a.

Lot you don’t need a lot of it I reviewed it for you guys so check out that review video if you are curious.

The sunscreen however is not his sunscreen however is not bad I think it’s fragrance free.

And it has iron oxides in it which can protect against hyperpigmentation no one’s worth it the essential C cleanser No like you don’t even waste.

Your time with that reference containing citrusy face wash it’s gonna be orotate and drier skin vitamin C and the face wash that’s.

Not doing anything great it’s in general Peter Thomas Roth it’s actually not bad yeah this thing stay away from it is like it’s like silver polish in a container this is not good for your skin it’s got a ton of fragrance in it and he’s irritating aluminum particles in it that are really just going on that’s doing is is exacerbating trans epidermal water loss will transiently make your face feel soft but it’ll.
You don’t wreak Havok subsequently as it tries to repair itself did.

The damage you just likewise stay away from this anti-aging cleansing gel this is like this is like what goes on.

In your stomach after you overindulged in mimosas and there’s bottomless blood shows okay it’s like a ton of acids illogically formulated together they’re probably ineffective at that pH and a cleanser I mean come on salicylic acid is the only one in there that.

Has a shining chance at helping in a cleanser and glycolic acid not so much and all this grapefruit.

Lime lemon white bar bar peach what is this yeah this is this is mimosas and branch hashtag right here are some decent products here this instant mineral broad-spectrum SPF 45 this is kind of exactly like the colorscience one it’s a mineral sunscreen this first of all if you.

Miss my color science review on these powder mineral sunscreen powders they’re great over your sunscreen they do not substitute for your sunscreen so when you reapply your sunscreen and you’ve got that shiny greasy nose this kind of stuff can be helpful this one I’ve never personally.

Tried out before but the varnish looks kind of crappy in comparison to the colorscience one to be honest I mean that’s I guess that’s not that’s pretty affordable anyways let’s see this therapeutic sulfur – going as PTR down here did the Acne Clearing Wash is a $38 version of the Neutrogena oil-free acne more so don’t blow your money on the head.

But I would say another wore that product from PTR is the ten percent maximum strength sulfur this is gonna be drawing a stink this you could use as a spot treatment and it’s 47 bucks which is a pretty expensive.

Yep this smells bad I’m just gonna guess the Kalin and bentonite claims these are what are in all of your clay masks they.

Can mop up oil transiently and kind of would you shine so when you when you rinse this off you’re gonna be like oh my face doesn’t look greasy anymore just sucked up all that well no no not really just kind of transiently moved it up but the sulfur in this can be helpful so this is actually good.

The correction pans yeah fresh peach Bellini scent again stop that like stop it with.

The bunch skincare hey for all my male viewers out there alright I’m actually kinda tempted to buy this by the packaging David Beckham anyways yeah he’s put fragrance and everything so I don’t know Beckham stick to soccer excuse me at football sorry American here oh this is very a dude some house 99 tattooed body moisturizing creamy he’s got a sunscreen did he put fragrance in it no Hey look.

David Beckham does a better job at making a sunscreen than your head that’s pretty bad and his.

Tattoo body tan – body moisturizing sunscreen hey this is only 26 bucks not bad Beckham I’ve seen worse all right I always asked about its SPF 50 water-resistant okay so David Beckham’s is better than is better than.

Dermalogica Dermalogica I would say go with Becca well I’m glad I came to this old so they they had a nice inventory on there were two very aggressive clerks in there I think it was because it wasn’t incredibly crowded in there but I have to say the store um it was very well organized and very clean and tidy and I was a pleasant experience for all of them but I hope you guys enjoyed this video and all.
The irax I actually have a little bit of time and I’m.