Aura Cacia Chakra Roll-on Review (root & Throat)

Okay guys back with some more chakra balancing Roland’s here and from the aura K Jie or horas Asia however you want to say that company I do like these however there are some things I don’t like primarily sent wise this grounding route is primarily overwhelming a little bit of patchouli there’s some products out there that I really like.

That have a small amount of patchouli and typically patchouli an orange mixes well together in my opinion but otherwise I’m not a huge fan of patchouli but they say it’s such a strong musky earth.
Earthy essential oil that it can really help.

With your grounding route which would be the lowest nature that a lot of us get get caught up in and in the order of healing your body.

Your balancing and healing your chakras then the bottom one the root.

Is the first one we got to work with there’s frequencies out there that I have noticed that really helped me and the more I focus on the healing of my chakra the more I realize I’m open to other things the root chakra is all about learning.

And understanding and survival kind of and once you master those things you know the mastering survival then you can move on to the other chakras which is like the classic understanding there’s probably so much.

More than that I have a cursory knowledge and anybody could write a better book on chakras than.

Me but basically I I can’t enjoy this a little.

Bit and when I found out I had parasite problems I noticed the more I focused on healing that chakra and making sure the energy coming from that chakra.

Was more how to say like whole maybe not unbalanced making a nice and balanced root chakra I thought this did help some so yeah.

Like I was saying the parasites are in that main area in that’s where I noticed in the most is feeding on the root chakra so maybe that’d be something you could.

Look into if you’re interested I’ve got a lot of videos on colon cleansing on anti-parasitic stuff and how I found out about parasites was coffee enemas and yeah you could go into coffee talk coffee enemas I got a playlist on that I made a three part series haven’t added to it in a long time but.

Basically it’s not horrible I I definitely will keep this role on after it’s gone but if you don’t like patchouli this is gonna be a very hard one for you and.

I talked before about expressive throat about how my throat chakra was very out of balance and how my favorite color was blue that’s something that chakra is very much in alignment with is blue and then I think maybe white at higher levels or whatever so I’ve.
And out of balance and things of that nature like if you ever look.

In your closet and you don’t see any clothes that you want to wear you’re like.

Oh I haven’t got a thing to wear I they say that’s because your body is mainly trying to find something that matches what kind of chakra energy you’re giving off that day.
Or which one will compliment you in that way so but anyways.

Back to this since mine was out of balance this smell is actually really amazing I think it’s more vanilla II yeah it’s a nice vanilla it.

Probably has some other slight earth notes but vanilla is the strongest smell in there and I enjoy this one a lot so you don’t.