Empties! September 2018

Hello everyone how are you today I hope your day is going well let me know in the comments what you’re up to I’d love to hear about how your day is going and what you’re doing today I’m doing an empties video for you and I’m a little bit surprised by this because I feel like I just did an.
Empties video probably about a month ago and.

Usually I can go a bit longer than that before the bag is completely filled and I.

For you but for some reason I seem to empty a lot of stuff at once or possibly it’s because my parents were visiting and maybe we used a few more things a little bit faster but it just seems like these things were either alright near.
The end just as I did my last empties or as I.

Said I just emptied a lot of things at once but as I have in the past couple videos I’m going to go in no particular order and just let.

You know down in the description box I will list all of the items but I’ve started listing it in terms of products that I like dislike or kind of feel in the middle about so hopefully that helps you out that I’m putting that in the description box but now because I don’t know how long this will be let’s just get right into the empties starting off with some back.

Soaps the first one being their vanilla coconut I really did like the scent because I loved.

Pretty much anything coconut scented so this is one that I would purchase again then this was a Christmas one that we used up and it was oh what fun and the scent of it is frosted coconut snowball.

It’s actually the frosted coconut snowball it’s just an what fun christmas label and I like this holiday scent it says be merry and bright all season long with the festive blend of whipped vanilla creamy coconut and sugar crystals so who knows it could be very similar to that one since that one is also vanilla coconut.
So again liked that one can’t get it.

Right now because it’s not holiday season yet but maybe I will get it when it background again another Christmas one basically I was trying to use up any holiday scented ones before purchasing any new one so I was trying to go through all of my old soaps before buying any.

New ones so this is the cinnamon caramel swirl didn’t love this scent it says it is well it doesn’t.

Really describe it but yeah wasn’t my favorite scent wouldn’t get this one again but I did get through most of the older ones so I did purchased a new one so I’m sure you’ll see those at some point but then we also used up one in the kitchen lemon scent which I do like for the kitchen cuz it’s a nice clean scent but this was.
In the creamy Lux which I like these because they’re.

A little bit more softening although now they’ve added oils and things to the foaming that might not be so true but I don’t find these lasts as long as the foaming and they tend to be a bit messier than the foaming so I don’t go for these very often but I would get the kitchen lemon scent again.

So I used up a shower gel this took me quite a long time to get through.

It takes me a while to get through shower gels I think because I rotate them and it’s only me using them but this is from zoella beauty and it’s her soap opera bath soaked and shower cream and this is in her original scent.

And I like this I liked using it as I.

Use it as body wash that you can also use it as a bubble bath but I liked this one as I said it lasted a long time not my absolute favorite scent of hers so I.

Would probably go for some of her other scents first but it is one that I recommend you check out if you’re looking for a nice little luxurious shower gel and it’s a good affordable price as well then I used up a scrub it’s.

A scrub and body wash but I basically just used it as a scrub and it’s the you are amazing brand which I believe is a target exclusive brand but I will have to double check on that and if they’re smooth it out exfoliating body scrub and wash and.

Tropical Kiwi this did last me a long time as well because I do alternate as well I pretty much alternate everything in my shower I like variety but this I would not get again because it wasn’t exfoliating enough for me to use as an exfoliator so if you’re looking for kind of an exfoliator and body wash in one then maybe check this one.

Out but I would personally not get it again as far as exfoliators go the next thing I emptied is a sunscreen.

It’s the Hawaiian Tropic island sport ultra light sunscreen with broad-spectrum SPF 50 one of my favorite sunscreens already purchased another one one that I would recommend to you if you’re looking for a good sunscreen that isn’t too greasy and you don’t mind.

Wearing all the time next is a shower gel from skintimate and it is in the raspberry rain scent as I’ve said before this is not my favorite.

Shower gel I prefer the EOS one so if I was the one purchasing I would not pick this one up again because I do prefer the EOS ones I used up a setting spray this is the Maybelline master fix buy face studio where boosting setting spray and I don’t go through setting sprays that quickly because I don’t use them everyday I mainly use them if it’s really.

Hot out and I want my makeup to stay in place or if I’m doing videos like today and I want it to stay in place however when it’s super hot and I’m under.

These lights I don’t know if anything makes a difference but.

This one works well I just really don’t like the scent of this.

One so I personally wouldn’t be getting it again there’s others that I’ve tried that I prefer better and have better sense or no.

Scent at all so check this out it is an affordable setting spray but if you are someone who’s particular about sense this one might not be for you this.

Next product I really liked I’ve.

Been trying a couple of different products from it cosmetics because I’ve gotten them in Sephora boxes and everything I’ve tried from them I haven’t just liked I really liked so this is there bye-bye pores pressed powder and it says airbrush silk pressed anti-aging finishing powder I don’t know about the anti-aging part but I did like this as.

A setting powder it is a hard powder but I’m afraid to open this because I’m afraid it’s gonna go everywhere it is basically just a sample packaging so it’s.

Kind of like cardboard and plastic that fits together so because of that I must have dropped it or something and all the powder that was left kind.