Empties! September 2018

Of crumbled and then every time that I would open it it would just be a mess but.

Really did like it don’t know the price on it again I’ll link it below but I did like it as a setting powder and is one that I would consider getting myself.

In the future if it’s not ridiculously expensive and hopefully.

Well not hopefully but I would think for the full size version you would get much better more durable packaging here is a lotion that I used up I typically.

Keep at least one lotion in my desk at work because especially in the winter time my.

Hands get very very dry so I like to have one at work so this is the one that I was keeping at work and finally emptied and it is from Bath & Body.

Works and it is one of their holiday scents it’s called magic in the air and the.

Are almond flour sparkling persimmon white iris whipped vanilla bourbon and fluffy sandalwood and bath and Bodyworks lotions I really like the scent of I think I’ve said this before but as far as like super moisturization I think because they’re scented I find.

I’m having to reapply it especially if my.

Hands are really dry because it doesn’t last super long but I do like the scent factor of them and I did like this scent though it is quite a holiday wintery scent so maybe not for right now but maybe around Christmas time you might want to check this one out I swear I have this and every empties had it in the last one.

Probably will have it in the next one if you’re tired of hearing about it and don’t want me to.

Include it in empties any more than just let me know that but.

It’s definitely my most used product and it’s the Josie Maran Argan daily moisturizer that I use every.

Single day and I’ve said here’s a little sample body wash that I.

Used up and it’s from the body shop and it’s their wild argan oil scent I like the body shop shower gels I got a lot of these little samples when I got their advent calendars I do like this scent and it’s one that I wouldn’t mind using again in the future now these next two products are a.

On my channel because it takes me forever to go through foundations especially because I basically only wear them when I do videos so the first is the.

Sample size that I got in a Sephora box and it’s from Make Up For Ever and it’s their Ultra HD invisible cover foundation and they sent me the color are 230 and I think it was a pretty good color match but as far as the consistency of it I think at least on me it was much more of a matte foundation and.

I just think there’s other foundation formulas that I prefer that made my skin look a little bit better maybe it’s just not the right color but there are just others that I prefer so I probably would not get this one again on my own the other is one that I really do like and well it’s not completely empty I’m actually wearing it today it’s going to be the last time that I wear it because as I was applying it I noticed it was starting to have a not so good smell.

And I Eve acts a sign that it’s probably gone bad so it’s time to get rid of it.