Empties! September 2018

But this is the L’Oreal infallible Pro glow foundation it says it’s up to a 24 hour foundation gotta be careful of those up twos so it’s not guaranteed to be a 24 hour foundation but could last up to and I have the color 202 creamy natural this does contain broad-spectrum SPF 15 Sun screen and it says it’s a radiant finish and I have the normal to dry skin hydrate or it’s for normal to.

Hydrating and I just really like the finish of it the way it looks on my skin it gives coverage without completely covering everything I like the radiant finish that it has and find.

It pretty easy to work with.

And it is one that I would purchase again when I need more.

Foundations let’s get this big one out of here this is another rarity on my channel this is the empties of.

Rare items apparently but this is a candle I never have candle empties because I don’t burn them that often because they can potentially trigger my husband to get a migraine so I try not to set that off so it they’re not burned super often in our house but this is one that was a bath and Bodyworks or white barn in the scent.

Lilac blossom and this is one that he likes the scent of but I just.

Can’t burn it for too long because it can get very strong I burned it down as far as it will go can’t burn.

Is a scent that I would get again.

But not until I’ve cleared out some of my other candles I’m really trying to burn through ones that I.

Have before I buy anymore again another rare item a perfume and it’s actually.

Two and one it’s by Britney Spears and it’s the fantasy perfume and midnight fantasy perfume and I really did like both of these scents I tend to like a.

Lot of Britney Spears perfumes and it’s not just because I like Britney Spears but I really enjoyed the sense of a lot of them there’s.

Some of hers I don’t like as much but these two are ones that I really did enjoy I also like having them both in one so you can see it just comes apart and has the two separate perfumes.

So I like having the two in one they lasted me a long time I tend to go for the midnight fantasy a little bit more than the fantasy but it is a little bit stronger I’d say.

Than the fantasy but once I get there’s some more of my full-size perfumes and I’m looking to get a new one again these are ones that I would definitely consider here is an eye makeup remover it’s from the body shop and it’s their chamomile gentle eye makeup remover and there’s nothing terrible about it but it’s probably not one that I would get again on my own because I find it still.

Difficult to get the eye makeup or makeup off with it there are others that I’ve used that I prefer that make it much easier so.

This would not be my first choice some more shower products this is a shampoo it’s the Schwarzkopf glyph hair repair ultra moisture shampoo I like.

The shampoo would get it again when I need more shampoo and it’s for drive stressed hair intense hydration and repair Iran didn’t aim to but I pretty much every Schwarzkopf product that I’ve tried I’ve really liked so if you’re looking for a really good drugstore hair product I would recommend.