Empties! September 2018

Schwarzkopf to you I’m pretty sure Walmart carries it Target and other places might carry it as well but yes I would recommend that to you the other shower product is a body wash again it is the caress fine fragrance mystique forever and these are their long lasting ones supposed to last for up to 12 hours I believe and they are quite.

Strongly scented pretty much my entire bathroom smells like them once I finish using it but I did really like this scent I think.

I said it’s the mystique forever and when I need shower gel don’t know when that will be but when I do I would look at these caress fine fragrance wands again here is a body shop body butter in the coconut scent this was just one of their sample sizes you know I love the.

Body shop body butter formulas you know I love coconut since its when I would get again here’s another body scrub that I used up and I really did like this one but unfortunately I don’t think I can get it again because I’m pretty sure it was a limited edition holiday item but it is from zoella beauty and it is the body polish in.

Snow polished and this was from her holiday collection last year 2017 and like I said I don’t think you can get it anymore but she has some other scrubs that I’m going to be trying out so.

You know how I like those but definitely liked this it’s one of the better exfoliating products that I’ve used has a great scent so kind of sad I can’t get it anymore but I have new ones to try so.

That’s exciting here’s a sample setting spray that I used up it’s the Urban Decay all nighter makeup setting spray I think it works well I’m not really into paying for high-end setting sprays though I’m just as happy with the drugstore one so.

Probably not one I would purchase on my own but it is a good setting spray if you’re.

Looking for one this is a toothpaste it’s the hello brand which I think came in a target box you can probably find this at Target but it’s there extra whitening fluoride toothpaste and pure mint it says it’s naturally friendly so it’s free from dyes artificial sweeteners which apparently a lot of toothpastes have artificial flavors microbeads triclosan preservatives gluten and peroxide so I hope all those things aren’t in my current toothpaste.

But I probably wouldn’t get this again just because I prefer crusts and I prefer other types and didn’t find this to do anything wonderfully amazing especially when.

It came to whitening so probably wouldn’t get this on my own used up a brow gel this is the elf brow gel and medium and this one I kind of bought not knowing that the wand was.

So skinny and I’ve made it work.

But definitely prefer one that has a more average sized wand so I’ve changed over to something different I would get an elf brow gel in the future but hopefully one with a bigger wand I told you there was a lot of.

Items in here again I don’t know how I accumulated all these so quickly but I’m glad we’re getting through it so this is the sol de janeiro bumbum cream or excuse me this is the sol de.

Bumbum cream and this is a sample size that I got from Sephora this is an amazing summery beachy scent and I really did like.

The formula of it as well I currently have another sample that I haven’t started using yet but it’s one that I might have to bite the bullet and get the full size in the future but probably more so in the summer because it’s.

Definitely more of a summery scent but again I really like the formula as well so check it out and get a sample if you can to see if you would like it but one that I would like to continue using in the future I have a nail polish here that’s gone bad so I’m getting rid of it but it looks like it’s basically empty anyway and it’s an OPI and it’s one.

Of their sample sizes and the thing that bugs.

Sample sizes that come in the little kits is that it does not list the color name so I can’t even tell you what the color is which is frustrating but I like OPI nail polishes don’t really have any complaints just had.

It for a long time and it’s no longer good this is a covergirl.

Lip gloss it’s from their colorlicious line and it’s number 610 and honeyed kiss now this is pretty.

Old took me a long time to empty but I really liked it as a lip gloss if covergirl is still making these which I hope that they are I think it’s a bit of an.

Underrated product as I really like it as a lip gloss to.

Go over lipsticks or just on its own so if it is still available I will link it for you and I hope that it is because it.

Is one that I would recommend this is a face scrub that I used up again a sample size it’s from origins and it’s their modern friction nature’s gentle dermabrasion and this one works by use massage over skin then add water to lather then rinse well and I like this one it worked well for while I was using it but there’s definitely other exfoliators that I prefer so this probably wouldn’t be at the top.

Of my list to go out and purchase there was nothing bad about it it worked there’s just others that I like better sticking with the exfoliation theme this is another one that I used up from Tarte and it’s the Tarte friction stick so this is a solid but has the exfoliating pieces in.

It and I did like this one pretty sure it’s still around from Tarte.

Don’t know how expensive it is but I.

Did really like how it worked because it’s easy to use and it’s really good for travel because it’s not a liquid it’s more of a solid so I’ll have to see if I can find it and it is one that I would want to.

Get again depending on price I used up a mascara this is.

The Maybelline total temptation mascara and if you’d like to know more about this I did do a review video on it so I will try to link that up in the cards for you but it’s a good mascara it’s not my favorite of all time and.

Currently using one that’s a little bit more affordable that I think I like better so I don’t know if I would get this one again alright well we’ve made it to the final item I don’t know how long it’s been but here we are and.

The final item is a sample that I got from Sephora of the drunk elephant Lala retro whipped cream and I’ve been really liking some of the drunk elephant products this one I did really like well it was a small sample I made it go a long way as long as I possibly.

Could I wish the drunk elephant price tag wasn’t so high but I.

Understand it’s because of the quality ingredients that they use and.

So maybe I’m on Christmas list.

Will be this la la whipped cream especially because I think it will be really good in the winter months and it’s one that I would like to.

Try again so I hope that you enjoyed this empties video be sure to give it a thumbs up if you did did you see any favorite products in this empties or.

Maybe products that you would like to try let me know thanks for watching have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you soon bye.