Empties & Fails May – June 2018

Hi everyone welcome back it’s ages since I filmed I really really am a bit overdue for this empties video because it’s currently nearly mid June and there’s these remote empties for me but I’ve been so so busy I’m back to work now after my maternity leave so yeah it’s been tough to try and squeeze this in and it’s.

Not ideal because I and her needs doing I’m not having my makeup today so I really could be doing with not.

Filming today but this is my only opportunity to film something said that welcome to the video and this is my huge bag notice here is gonna continue to water throughout the video because it’s just playing up today and we’re just gonna persevere so and what I did get through this month is an oral-b 3d white looks glamorous white toothpaste now this is gonna.

Tube choice I did used to prefer Colgate white teeth in 14 days but they changed the formula unfortunately and this.

One I’ve been getting on with my teeth and nowhere near as white as it used to be in fact in my.

Eyes they are completely stained now or since I got my new coffee machine but the choice is to not drink coffee or to have and have white.

Teeth or drink coffee and unfortunately I’m a coffee lover so these all have to be white enough I mean they probably look quite white on camera but it’s my lighting really this is the World Cup wilco soak it up bath cream I love this it’s really multi-purpose I buy that because I like to add essential oils to my bath rushing over there and that just gives you a nice sort.

Of non-offensive non-competing scent to add essential oils into your bath but get the walls and buttons extra sensitive baby wipes yes I.

Would repurchase all of those cousins Care Act’s complete moisture plus hand wash yes I would definitely a purchase that I’ve got another one on the go at the minute and just because I do something with dermatitis and I’m.

Struggling at the minute to use fragrance products are hoping for a while this is the Yankee Candle wedding day so my mum got me.

And my husband this for our wedding day so it’s taken me three years to get through that candle I won’t Chuck that one too far and I would.

Agree purchased the sin I really enjoyed it and I’m glad I wouldn’t want to I don’t know I just feel like that was for my.

And I’ve done that now and plus the scent is very delicate and you know plain it’s like what is similar to the one that smells like freshly washed cotton or laundry and this is the fruit rhubarb and vanilla fragrance explosion hand wash.

By wilcos unfortunately I can’t believe I try that every minute just because my hands are so sensitive but I just love the scent of that and if I hadn’t got dermatitis that would be my Holy Grail Holy Grail this is another work the same baby wipes if you didn’t already know this the reason I include those I do use them on my baby but.

Because I take my makeup off with them this is a cuticle revitalizer by a pretty perfect it was a like a nail oil pen essentially useless and I wouldn’t repurchase that it does look used up but I think it possibly.

Leaked because when I went and got it out of the drawer it was empty and I’ve just much prefer to make up my own oil pens just using jojoba oil and that was a tip from Christine from the house her channel cord.

May it simply they’re logical I loved she’s so funny and this is L’Oreal lvv extraordinaire I’ll curl nourishment cleansing conditioner and so I use this instead of shampoo and I really enjoyed.

It as soon as that goes on three for ten pounds I’ll be repurchasing that same goes for this one it’s Laurie ll Viva color protect slow shampoo and so yeah.

Of those worked really really well on my hair.

And in place of shampoo and this is macadamia natural oil deep repair mask wouldn’t we purchase that quite pricey and I just don’t think much of it and this is Johnson’s baby shampoo and I love it and like the smell of my babies heaven.

I’ve washed his hair with that so yes I would repurchase that Garnier olia four point.

Six two and dark garnet it’s the color of my hair now yes always matches that I’ve got what I’m back up I’ve got a snow angel bat melt and I didn’t think much of that one it made the water glittery and but yeah it wasn’t one of my favorites I’ve ever and sick little angels extra sensitive wipes yep I would repurchase those and Laurie ll leave color protect this is like a a mask it’s from the same range as the low salt the sulfate free.

Shampoo I’ve showed you but I didn’t like that I used to enjoy it and then I realized it was sort of like suffocating my hair and so yeah I’m not gonna.

Be reversing that this is a very disgusting very whole Beauty Blender I wouldn’t repurchase that because I just don’t feel like there’s enough of the difference between the Real Techniques one that one to justify the cost difference but I’m really you ever tried it and thank you Sita for buying that for me you’re.

Such a lovely star and this is a Charles Worthington shine solemn finish all over gloss spray.

This was in a project pan yeah I would repurchase that I did enjoy it and the essence lash princess yes.

100% I love this mascara lasts such a long time it’s so cheap it’s so good and it’s so much better than thermal a lot of crying mascaras that I’ve tried this is my Avon glaze we’re in darling pink and that was in a project pan and smiling because it took me a year and a half to finish that and no I would repurchase it just because I have such feelings on the struggle of using it my project pan but the product itself is is fine this.
Is simple kind skin purifying cleansing lotion there’s a full bottle I.

Wouldn’t we patch it just because I have really no need for cleanser and that went off before I could finish it but having said that if I did feel like I needed had a need for a cream cleanser I would go for that it’s lovely I the only facial wash that goes with that it’s makes my holy grail I usually just take my makeup off and then wash my face and that’s fine although you might have to resort to a cleanser moving forwards because I’ve started using.

Estee Lauder Double Wear and that just doesn’t come off a come off as easily as other foundations do this is a naturally radiant.

Bra brightening day cream by super dry with and this is SPF 15 and I wouldn’t repurchase that because I felt moved on now and started to invest or in skincare if I ended up on a skincare budget I would.
Repurchase that I really enjoy it and this is the Head &.

Shoulders classic clean and my husband uses that and yes very sure he purchased it this is the deck Leo harmony calm gel cream relaxing milky gel cream for eyes I enjoyed it I really did but I’m not sure.

I would repurchase it because I do really really like Clinique products I really am like they’re all about eyes and I feel like they’re similar but I prefer that all of our eyes and this is Clinique rinse off foaming cleanser I cut the packaging open to get.

The last bit out and it was the sample size I wouldn’t repurchase that I.

Really didn’t like it and it’s it’s not.

Often it’s very rare that I find some from Clinique I don’t like and I didn’t like that and it’s very drying.

And I didn’t feel that my skin was actually clean but it felt really dry and tie it felt like it was stripping my skin their skin of everything and if I got it near my eyes which is almost impossible not to do when you’re.

Using something you know with water on your face it just stung really bad this is the conditioner by Paul Mitchell it’s a leave-in moisturizer conditioner this used to be my holy grail I used to just live and die by this but yeah.

I would repurchase it yeah it’s a funny blue color though it’s a bit odd this is though seeing kids detangling defense spray these both are almost full no I wouldn’t repurchase these I’m gonna chuck them away without using them because the Sun was so.

Bad me and scarlet just can’t take it anymore and this is the sanctuary body scrub this again was in a project pan now.

I wouldn’t repurchase that it’s rubbish compared to soap and Florrie scrubs it’s more like a polish but even then it just really doesn’t do much at all for your skin and also I got through astaire got through there’s a bit.

Are too splayed for me to use this anymore and yeah you can probably see that this is a CCO nail gel and in the shade four zero five two one so yeah it’s like a hot chilli sort of a color I.

Enjoyed it but I won’t repurchase that mainly because that particular shades with the shimmer in them from CCO I find honest long-lasting the cream finish ones so yeah that’s everything and that surprisingly short video considering.

I’ve been really really not had time to film it but yes and keep your eye on this space because I’m going to have my project pan and pan that palette updates coming shortly thanks for watching guys see the next one bye.