3 Word Product Review Challenge | Reviewing Empty Products

Hey guys what’s up welcome back to my channel thank you for clicking on this video I have a big old bag of completely empty products to share with you and I’m gonna try to switch it up so I thought I would do a really quick three words per item that’s all I can do so this is gonna be.

Quite a challenge to come up with what the right words that still gives you like a good idea of the product so I don’t know this may be stupid I thought.

It was a good idea it could be stupid let me know sound off below I’d love to hear your thoughts also I’m wearing my Nickelodeon shirt with my Rugrats and it’s got and Rin and sipping a couple of my favorite shows so I’m keeping it really casual today so this is how it’s gonna work I pull out a product tell you what it is and then I.

Am limited to just three words to describe it so I don’t know this is gonna be challenging so if you want to see me review a bunch of products using only three words keep watching so this is the igk jetlag invisible dry shampoo volumizing clean pricey this is the josie maran whipped argan oil body cleansing butter aromatic hydrating buttery this is the way dry shampoo foam yuck not dry this is the youth to the.

People kale green tea spinach vitamins age prevention cleanser mild clean pricey the skin laundry gentle foaming face wash love clean mmm hydrated the body blends sweet citrus authentic Australian.

A facial scrub gritty smooth the result binti Beauty Pro filter foundation love long wear matte ish Ryoji oh don’t despair repair deep conditioning mask undecided creamy pricey dream clean by.

Pharmacy the makeup melt away cleansing balm effective natural love a more specific moisture balm rejuvenating eye treatment gel quality pricey hydrating Clinique even better clinical dark spot corrector and optimizer. brandt XYZ extender youth i creamy creamy lightly hydrating ola Hendrickson that nurture me moisturizer good moisturizing fruity josie maran whipped argan oil and citrus ultra moisturizing gracie Clinique blended face powder transparency – it’s alright and Clinique Moisture Surge extended thirst relief hydrating staple lightweight pharmacy honey drop lightweight moisturizer surprisingly good recommend first a beauty ultra Repair Cream overrated hydrating creamy.

Bumble and bumble bee bee prenta powder and nourishing a dry shampoo good slightly disappointing tart a rainforest of the sea deep dive cleansing gel good kind of basic then age-reversing all-in-one concentrate heavy good moisture Perricone MD face finishing a moisturizer pricey effective like Peter Thomas Roth laser free resurfacing a face serum feels nice ok go to leave Venus or smooster izing sorbet lightweight Moisture natural sk2 facial treatment essence pricing good undeterminable juice beauty smoothing eye concentrate not enough hydration to face hangover replenishing a face primer.

Lightweight hydrating a future response age defense cream love mother pricing this is a Milani lip oil not like Clarins Peter Thomas Roth anti-aging cleansing gel amazing Holy Grail Murad City skin overnight detox moisturizer love jury’s out elf this is the under-eye powder good not.
Great okay that was all of my three word product reviews I don’t.