Jdiag Faslink M2 Bluetooth Obd2 Scanner Review & Install Tips

Revue fans I’m Adam from 911 we’ve got a need to review for you a little different than the usual this is for scamming your car computer and finding out what’s going on with your car if you have any codes or anything that’s popping up on your car check your o2 sensor etc etc I’ll see if I can put.

Some pop-ups here and show you the actual use of it now um when I first got it I assumed it’s got this QR code and.
Just scan that and it’ll install the application on your.

Phone now that took me to the website and initially on the website what I found was software for the wrong device took me to the m1 and this is the m2 and it wasn’t really.

Compatible so the piece of advice that I would give you if you’re actually going to install this in you’re buying this product is go to your App Store on your phone and if you have the m1 download the software for the fast link m1 they have them to install the software for the fast link mmm – that’s.

Gonna save you a lot of heartache trying to figure out why it’s not working next the other piece is now you’re gonna.

Walk up you’re gonna look underneath your steering wheel you also have to go into the software and connected on the software so you connect it in the Bluetooth you connect it in the software and for.

Me it took cycling through starting the car once or twice before it actually recognized the device was there from there it auto populated your vehicle ID number your VIN number all that sort of stuff.
And you were able to run the Diagnostics on your car and.

It became a very powerful tool however I feel that some people if you just get this you plug it into your car try to connect to bluetooth you’re not going to get it to work again remember you have to go ahead download the right software by.

Going to your App Store that’s my best advice connect it on Bluetooth connect it in the software physically connect it you got do all those things probably physically connect.

It first right and then um then if you need to cycle it out like turn off the.

Car start the car plug it in again that sort of thing that’s going to get it to where it actually sinks and you can get everything working with your car it’s a tremendously powerful tool for your vehicle you can pull all those codes you can see what’s going into your oxygen sensors with your brakes you’re accelerating blah blah blah your gas makes your.

Kind of stuff really cool product don’t give up on it if do.

You just plug it in you know it doesn’t work it will work you just got to work through it so there’s my advice I’ll put an amazon link in the description below it’s a really cool product go ahead and check it out I.

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