Epic Empties | Spring 2018 Edition

Hey there and welcome to my channel it’s that time again when I rummaged through all the products I’ve used up over the last few months and I have my bag right here when you look at it from this angle it doesn’t look like there’s too many products but I would say it’s probably filled up to here so there’s.

A bit of price for me to go through so I won’t make this video any longer than it should be so let’s get started the first set of items I’m going to show you our makeup products one of my probably like top ten makeup products of.
All time would be this advanced mineral makeup press mineral.

Powder I was in the shade Taylor and it was actually mean after Taylor Swift so I guess I’m her coloring it was basically a really nice finely milled powder what I loved so much about it was the coverage it was insane this Brian was actually developed by a celebrity makeup artist and she just found that a lot of the projects on.

Her clients models actors weren’t really good quality and she came out with her own line I have used this probably like every day that I’ve been doing my makeup especially last.

Year because I did finish that earlier this year but I just loved it so.

Much I definitely want to get more of it when I finished some of my other powders sticking with face makeup.

Luxe liquid foundation by glow scheme Beauty this I really liked wearing in the thermos because it does have SPF 15 and the coverage was pretty good and I actually got my.

Sister hooked on this foundation and she is obsessed with it it had a beautiful finish.

It was more on the matte side but had a bit of a glow to it it applied super well blended very nicely and could be buildable from medium to full coverage so this foundation did come with a pump.
Dispenser which I think all liquid foundations should.

Come with it just makes it so much more easy to use and I was in the shade not CL and this foundation is made and USA it’s really great quality it’s on the more expensive side but.

I definitely think it’s worth the splurge I also finished up this mascara from Make Up For Ever and it’s their smokey lash extra black mascara so this one claims to provide volume length and curl I would say it provided more.

Length than it did evolve you in for curl I can’t really attested that because my lashes are always pen Street so I always have to curl them with a lash curler before head anyways I did really liked the wand it did a good job I like.

Grabbing all of my lashes in the inner and outer corners and I believe being make this in a waterproof formula but don’t quote me on that I would get this again but there are less carrots that.

I prefer much more to this one and then I also finished up this perfume this is beam by Lady gaga one thing I really liked about it is the packaging and I believe my sister got this for me for Christmas many years ago and what was really neat is that the perfume itself was black but when he sprayed it on obviously the tint vanished but it did have a really lovely smell and it did take me a few.

Years to finish just because I had quite a few perfumes to go through and I did use it sparingly on special occasions but I really really love this.