Epic Empties | Spring 2018 Edition

Moving on to bath and body products I have a few front yashi the first one here is this energizing bath and shower gel in Mandarin cedarwood and honestly you can’t go wrong with any of.

Their bath and shower gels they all smell amazing this one you could really pinpoint the woodsy scent and it’s not a scent I would normally gravitate towards but this one I actually really really liked and I would definitely get this again then I also have this bigger size of their mango coriander and rising bath and shower gel I’m not the biggest fan of coriander but this one actually smelled really Pleasant I think the mango masked most of the coriander between the two I just showed you how to probably go for.

This one if I to pick because I just love the scent of mango lastly I have this liquid hand soap in white vanilla again from Akashi this was part of their limited-edition collection this past Christmas and I really.

Like this they also made it I believe in a cranberry scent and I much preferred the vanilla one so unfortunately you can’t get this again but you never know they might come up with it.

Again in the future then I also have this gos shave cream in vanilla bliss I had a few of these to go through and I believe this is my last bottle of it I liked it but what kind of Spectre with the packaging is that the product would like clump at the opening here so sometimes I really had.

To like scrape with my nail or with like a toothpick to let more product come out so that’s one design issue I had with this product but apart from that it worked pretty well for me shave cream.

Is actually like a luxury product because I usually just use so far which I actually prefer I will most likely not at this again and then I also have the naturally Fresh deodorant crystal and papaya fusion so.

I was looking for a vegan deodorant a couple of years ago and I found this on a website I think that’s called like vegan store.

Or vegan supply if I find it I’ll leave it down below but this was a big disappointment the deodorant itself smells amazing but it just didn’t work I guess with my body chemistry because after like an hour of putting this on um I would smell a song I didn’t wear this up but I still managed to finish it like just using it at home I like that it did come with like a roller applicator and this product is all natural so it contains no.

Aluminum or chlorohydrate but if you have tried this brand I’d be curious to know if it worked for you or if just like all of their products are a dud.

I’m not sure moving on to facial care and skin products which is the big portion of this video because I can quite a bit of them the first one I have here is the a cure coconut and argan oil cleansing towelettes so this is a 30 pack and unfortunately this was a disappointment as well although b-word natural they stung my face pretty bad so I avoided using it on my eye area but even on my face.

Um it left my skin irritated and red for a few minutes after using it um I still did finish these up because I like using facial wipes when I have a.

Really heavy face of makeup so I’ll first go with a towelette and then move on to oil cleansing or using a Missler water unfortunately I would not repurchase this um I do like this brand however they have really great products I love their body lotion but I just wasn’t a fan of their towelette speaking of Missler water I have this one from Garnier it’s their skin active.

Missler water online cleansing water so it contains no oil alcohol or fragrance this I would say it’s a pretty good 240 bioderma sensibio h2o one I would say they’re pretty equal alike I didn’t really notice a difference between both of them this one is cheaper but I would recommend buy derma because they are cruelty free so I would not.

Get this again next up I have this pure blue lotus balancing moisturizer for normal dry or sensitive skin so it says here that hydrate prevents my life and it’s perfect under makeup and I did.

Really like using this under my makeup as you can see I lost the top I don’t know where it went but I like how lightweight it was it had a really nice and light scent I have never tried anything with Blue Lotus and they make a lot of skincare products with Blue Lotus and if you haven’t tried or heard of this brand definitely look into them because they have really beautiful products next I have the private real eye cream for face whitening and wrinkle.

Care so yeah it does sound kind of odd and eye cream for your face but basically you can just use it as an eye cream or a facial moisturizer or both this is a Korean brand which I always get super excited to try Korean skincare I actually.

Really enjoyed this I don’t know how much this cost I would have to look it up again but if you’ve.

Tried anything from this brand called private do let me know because I would like to check out some of their other products so I am a self-professed facial mist addict I recently finished up this Double Happiness skincare Refresh flower shower face myth flower shower play on words super cute love it so it’s really soothing and relaxing and it contains ingredients such as rose water jasmine flower water citrus neroli flower and FanDuel wood and I know there’s something with sandalwood it’s like I’m like immediately obsessed with it.

Just love the scent of sandalwood this was great to miss all over my face morning and night and throughout the day.

To refresh and cool myself down and I would definitely get.

This again I wish it came in a bigger bottle because as you can see it’s pretty small and I used it up pretty quickly then from Paula’s Choice I have a comrade s relief moisturizer for normal to oily skin and.

I did try a bunch of their products from their calm line which is great.

For those who have easily irritated skin and who deal with redness from acne or eczema for some reason some of the products actually irritated my skin so I might have been sensitive to one of the ingredients in it but this moisturizer I remembered did not irritate my skin I did finish it up earlier this year I actually really enjoyed it I wish it did have SPF but apart from that I have no complaints I also finished up this Clinique Moisture Surge 72 hour.

Auto replenishing hydrator I was shocked by how much I loved this moisturizer it had a gel consistency and it was perfect to use under makeup because it’s like my skin just drank it absorbed it super quickly a lot of people recommend Clinique I.

Hadn’t personally used many of their products but I did really enjoy this one then I have a couple of products from a plushy the first one I.

Used up is their seafoam visions of sleeping care good for all skin types and this was suitable to use at night this one too I believe.

Had a gel-like consistency and I’m a fan of all of Yuka’s she’s moisturizers they all perform so well they don’t feel too thick or heavy on the skin when you wake up your skin is like nice and plump and glowy um so I would recommend you check this out this product here I got a few months ago and I already finished up so that just tells you how much I really really liked it it’s equally in exogenous essence double action serum this one was really.

Cool because it came with a dropper so you could use this morning and night and applied before you put your moisturizer on so this would help with getting your moisturizer into the deeper layers of your skin and it had a beautiful scent I did a full video on this line from Yves quest I’ll make sure to link it down below and then the last product I have from a plushy is their epoch ejecta refreshing cleansing gel good for normal to.

Combination skin and this comes in.

Their Eco tube I really really like this I just topped it on my shower shelf and I like using this to remove all of my makeup at the end of the day when showering and if your skin is kind of sensitive or you deal with acne prone skin and this one is really nice and gentle then I also have this product from shaft skincare it’s their nutritive daily eye cream and the product itself I.

Really like it was on the thicker side but what I did not like was the packaging I guess since the product was so thick it got clogged in the dispenser a lot and quirky and I couldn’t even get any product to come out so that was kind of disappointment and I probably wouldn’t get this again because you have many other eye creams that I prefer over this one and.

Then there is this product from Cebu it’s there see berry seed oil rescue for problematic skin it is.

Beautiful facial blend I actually used it in combination with a role on oil from OC again this one came with a drop dispenser this serum contains sea buckthorn berry which is harvested in the Himalayan highlands and it has excellent properties for your skin it’s rich in antioxidants and the like although it’s.

An oil but it gets quickly absorbed and is a really restorative skincare product if you deal with scarring for instance from acne or you just want something that will give you an instant boost of moisture this product is excellent I actually found one more body product tucked at the bottom of my bag so this is the revival grapefruit and mint natural body scrub I actually really.

Really really really love this product I got it a few months ago already used it up chapped it in my shower so the scrub itself was light so it’s a blend.

Of sugar Himalayan sea salt coconut.