Epic Empties | Spring 2018 Edition

Oil grapefruit and peppermint essential oils and it’s probably one of the best body scrubs I have tried I tried quite a few different coffee scrubs but the thing with those is that they really make your shower messy but since this one is.

White it doesn’t make that much of a mess and I just love how soft and moisturize my skin felt after each use I would get this again for sure then I also have a few supplements to.

Share with you I did go see a naturopath at the end of last year so she had prescribed a few supplements for me.

These are all vegan friendly the first one.

I have here is called real Laura Plex so this temporarily relieves symptoms of perceived stress helps to form red blood cells.

I was looking for something that would help calm me down because I do deal with anxiety so sometimes I need a little help unfortunately I don’t think this means much of a difference she did also prescribe me a tea that I think did a better job of calming me um it was a holy basil tea so I would.

Recommend checking that out instead and this was definitely on the pricey side I probably wouldn’t get this again for my skin she told me to get this preferred nutrition saw palmetto plus for women you might have heard of saw palmetto it’s a.

Fruit extract and it’s actually really good for your.

Skin it also really used PMS symptoms and menopause symptoms.

This one I used and honestly my skin has been the nicest it’s been in years but I have been using a few products in combination with this one so I can’t see for sure that it does that mean such a difference I would definitely recommend checking this out and then lastly for my god help I got the Garden of.

Life doctor formulated probiotics once daily ultra I got the one in ninety billion with fifteen probiotic streams so this is Boonton free dairy free and soy free this I.

Kept refrigerated and I would take this once daily between meals again this might have been something that helped with my acne because acne can be related to intestinal issues I think this was my second bottle and these ones are kind of pricey so I’m like taking a break from them for an hour just to see if my.

Body has regulated if I ever.

Need probiotics again I would definitely go back to these months and last but not least I always have a few random products so I’ll get through those right now first one is e Bausch and Lomb it was like a Tomic jobs I’ve mentioned these a few times already great for dry eyes I actually can’t live without these next I have this clean well natural hand sanitizer that is alcohol-free this is a kid Z formula and is said to provide over 225 sprays this at.

First I really like but I didn’t use it up quickly enough and then expired and I was using it and the smell went really bad so I would recommend it if you’re looking for an alcohol free formula today feel like my hands were.

It use it up before it expires because if not it does not smell good then I also have this little sample size of the all good organic coconut oil skin food so this is actually I guess meant for your face but the ingredients are basically only coconut.