First Makeup Empties Of 2018

Hello and welcome back to nobody’s beauty guru my name is Julie and today I am here with empties I am NOT on empties for the entire year of 2018 yet and that’s mainly because I didn’t know how I wanted to do it last year I kind of struggled with keeping track of the money that I was using up.

On all my products I decided this year I’m not gonna do it last year I did the reverse Rouge and was successful I also did a.

Ton of empties and let you guys know kind of what I used up throughout the entirety of the year money-wise it is such a hassle for me you guys know that I am a full-time writer full-time editor I do booktube the three days of the week that I don’t post here at the beauty Channel and I just don’t have time to calculate or to keep track in a spreadsheet as I finish things and I know.

You guys gave me a ton of tips on how to do it and how to make it work and when I buy something to put down the price so that I can like keep track when that empties there great tips it just isn’t something that.

Works for me so I’m not going to do it I’m also not going to keep my empties until the end of the year to show you a giant thing of empties because I don’t want to have trash in my room all year long I just.
Don’t want to so I’m going to show you my.

Have collected because my basket is full and I want to get rid of them.

So here’s my basket why I just dive right in so far I have a couple of different empties I have three of my ELF remover wipes you guys know makeup removers I love these I have got now that the habit of using these because I have other cleansers that I.

Want to use but these are Holy Grail there’s a hole coming up soon guys because I placed a couple orders this year in the hall you’ll see more of those just because you’ll always see more of those I have the co de.
Lis grape water soothes and moisturize.

This is just like a water that smells like grapes and unfortunately the like sprayer on this moment worked a little bit it got jammed and it ends up like leaking like it just instead of spraying it’ll spray here but then like down my arm is just a ton of water so that’s done if you saw my reminiscing through the records update I finished these three products this is my hangover RX my Taylor Swift incredible things perfume.

My colour-pop nude eyeliner those are all finished in that particular project pan I would not repurchase this I don’t like it I don’t think.

It does anything doesn’t moisturize enough it doesn’t prime.

Well enough these I just don’t use enough and they dry out really quickly I’m not a fan of the color pop liners after the first like month or two and it just takes me too long to use them and then they dry up and they crumble and they crack and they end up in.

My eye and it hurts a lot this perfume was fine I’m just going through samples I am not in a position to need to purchase perfume for like forever in a day so I don’t need to worry about that I finished my yes to soothing eye cream from.
Yes – yes – was just – cucumbers I finished this for a project.

You can see the little lines over here so that guy is done also finished up my miracle 10 leave-in conditioner sorry we are back and I do have more empties for you even though my.