First Makeup Empties Of 2018

Battery died so my miracle 10 is all done I love this but it is no more I also finished off an elf hydrating serum moisturizer.

This was supposed to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles for glowing healthy skin.

It did nothing at all so I’m not going to be repurchasing that one he’s gone I finished my Urban Decay all nighter makeup setting spray this was actually in my a-to-z project pam so that one is all done.

I finished up a blink tubing mascara this.

Is done because it was way past three months and I just didn’t want to keep putting it on my.

Eyeballs I finished up and Avena micellar water this one was in a project pan at some point you can see the lines on this but this little guy is done I actually really realized during that project that I really like micellar waters.

Who knew so maybe that’s something I’m gonna do again at some point I also finished between the sheets this is a super shock cheek this.

Was a gorgeous blush i panned this.

Cream blush most of last year and really looked really loved it is actually what inspired me to start using my bite Beauty multi stick also finished aubergine it’s so hard to get a swatch because the lip of it keeps like scraping it.

Away it’s a gorgeous color and this was just one of their little samples of their lip crayons really really loved it I think that was my last one now I also finished up my doctor lip miracle balm this one was a very very.

Thick balm but the packaging on this is so stiff that it was actually really difficult to get everything out and it was fine.

But I’m not going to repurchase that Central Perk from colour-pop this one obviously had a ton of pan my goal was to hit pan on it but it started to dry out so much and crumble like my desk area my shirts everything would be covered in.

Like little crumbles from this and I’m sure I could probably rehydrate it with oils or something but.

I just feel like I got my money’s worth out of it I’m not.

Going to keep going also finished my balance me congested skin serum this was a treatment for blemishes I had this in a project pan it was like a natural blemish control reducer I don’t.

Have that many blemishes so I didn’t have to worry too too much I have the troublemaker by Urban Decay the brush on this one was plastic I believe yes it is a spiky plastic.

Brush this one was okay for.

Like the first week and then I got really flaky I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it and that’s kind of the way I feel about most urban decay mascaras I don’t really love most of them also had my a cosmetic superhero again this started flaking on me so quickly I got the full-size loved it for the first two weeks and then ended up hating.

It same with this one this I did not get three.

Months out of this one is actually still us a little bit product in there but as I would.

Put it on my lashes it was flake off underneath and I don’t know why it does that but I can’t tolerate it I also have my lights camera splashes this is a waterproof of the lights camera lashes love the wand on this particular Tarte mascara this one still has products left in it it is very very waterproof but I ended up just it had been open for too long then I finished.

Wild lash primer this is a white primer although it started to get a little bit grayish which is how I know it was time.

To get rid of it this is a decent lash primer I just think for last primers there’s really no point in paying a.

Ton of money this one works.

Just fine then I finished up the Pacifica dream big natural beauty mascara it has unicorns on it y’all like how you gonna be mad.

At unicorns this is also a really cool brush but overall I didn’t love the formula it didn’t do enough for me so this has a really short compact short plastic bristle brush and then you can twist the handle down here at the end you twist it and the brush gets shorter and longer and that spreads out the bristles a little bit and.

That allowed you to get volume and length so they said I didn’t see that much of a difference between the two ways this one’s a little bit more expensive than the Ulta in the orange package this one a little bit more expensive than this one and I like this one better this is the curled up curling sculpting mascara from Ulta and this one I liked a whole lot more although I will say that this is very.

Close to the lash princess with the curved one and it’s a lot more affordable the lash princess won so I liked it but we’re gonna do a lot of these were open from the end of the year last year and they just three months.

Was up they started to flake on me I realized that a lot of things just flake on me before they’re technically empty and I don’t mess around when it comes to i stuff like my eyes after having LASIK are very.

To dryness they’re very prone to irritation and I just don’t mess around with keeping things after three months because I don’t want pink eye like I don’t want any kind of bacterial issues with my eyes then I finished up my wet and wild conceal corrector this one was in a light ivory this is a great color for me I actually took the stopper out and put it.

Into a contact case and use that in a project can really really liked it would definitely repurchase it but I’ve got other ones to use up first getting rid of this dermatologist developed exuberance cover blend multifunction concealer because it has been open for years and I don’t want to put anything on my blemishes that is expired so it’s gonna go I finished up a tarte.

Maracuja oil this one was in a sample set I think like a best-of Sephora I really like these oils I end.

Up using these in my hair and the ends of my hair.

Just to like keep them hydrated after my showers just to kind of seal up my my ends I also.

Usually had a couple drops and put it on my face after a shower I really really liked it finished up my.

Pixie brightening under eye corrector in brightening peach I love this stuff I will repurchase it I’m using something else right now because it.

Was in my collection and I had to get rid of it but I don’t love it then I finished up some perfumes I have an omni uh coral from bold Galleria bold outer yeah this little sample I don’t remember what it was like Taylor Swift enchanted wonderstruck okay I have.