First Makeup Empties Of 2018

A whole bunch of these like I have another one that I’m also painting this like an another Taylor Swift.

I have another one that was just in another empty for I showed you earlier for a project it’s it’s fine but I don’t need them all so finished up.

My allthatglitters this was a shadow a mac eyeshadow really old Mac eyeshadow I want to use up my Mac shadows because they’re not cruelty free and I want to.

Get rid of them so little empty there creme hydrating styling leave-in conditioner cream it’s.

Fine it was whatever also two-faced son bunny bronzer this guy is finally all done I might actually keep this container to like repress powders into because it still clasps and is really really well made so I might keep that but that was one that I really enjoyed it was a split plan between a matte and shimmer bronzer and I ended up having to repress it and it was just kind of all.

Mixed and it still worked really well and I finished.

Up two lipsticks these are the last things I have in here this one is my steel of patina I’m sure I can probably add a swatch of this one and I loved it I love the smell I love the formula I love the way it feels on my.

Color is beautiful as well as this wet and wild and this one is the cat suit in rebel rose I will repurchase this eventually but.

Right now or this one’s even harder to get a swatch right now I have too many other colors that are around this same shade so I’m not gonna repurchase it right now and this is rebel rose and this.

Are just my perfect nudes I love these I really really do and I will absolutely be repurchasing this one I think that this one is comparable to the Stila and while I kind of like the tone of this deal a little bit more this one works just as well so I will be doing a.

Pre-purchase of those at some point I am sure that’s been all my.

Empties for the year so far some stuff I have gotten rid of hair care has just kind of gone right.

In the trash when I finish it because it’s in my bathroom it just goes into the trash in there I had some samples and facemask samples stuff like that that have just gone into the trash as well I now have some samples for skincare and cleansers and masks that are in projects so those.

Will end up in my empties because you’ll want to see them for a project updates I’m gonna put all these in the trash because I don’t want to hold on to it and catch up with you guys in another empties video hopefully in another couple months we’re gonna see I’m really reaching a point now in my panning where I don’t.

Have tonnes that are like trash worthy but the more I’m working through some of these samples which is my goal hopefully the more little empties I have for you so that’s it for this video if you liked it be sure to give me a big thumbs up.

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