Baby Favorites Series 2018 | Massive Mommy & Baby Product Empties

Hi my name is Patty and welcome to my youtube channel if this is your first time here make sure to hit the subscribe button hit the little bout so you get notified when I post new videos antenna post mommy baby and lifestyle videos and today I have another video in my product series and that is my product empties.

I know let’s go through some trash you might have seen these around YouTube I know a lot.

Of like beauty gurus do these all the time but I thought I would show you kind of like my like product empties and Lowe’s MD so kind of like a mommy baby empties so let’s just get right on into it I have my bin over here and I’m just gonna toss it on the book so I don’t know I know I’m just gonna whatever is in here.

Don’t worry I will either put it in the trash if it goes in the trash or I will recycle I do recycle I’m kind of freaked about recycling.

Like I like will clean out things just so I can recycle it like and if KJ throws something in the trash that doesn’t belong in there.

Oh you best believe I pick it out I wash it and I put it in the recycling so don’t worry most of Stefanie.

Would probably be able to get recycled so yeah Adolphe rambling about recycling let’s just kind of get into all of these little goodies okay I know I have a bunch in here so I’m just gonna like filter through and pick them out first so we’re not like keep on repeating all of these and that is the baby.

Wipe okay I think that was it so there’s four there’s five of them here we like to use the Huggies when it calls the Huggies natural care wipes we love these.

Like I like that when I take out a wipe only one white comes out like that drives me insane.

Like why am I gonna keep on pulling out wipes what I only want one so yeah I love these wipes I know you’ve probably have gone through like way more than this but this is like all I remembered to put in here and I mean with her being over at my mom’s and his.

Like you know we use them up there and they just get tossed like forgot about him but yeah we at least went through five of them I feel like.

Now that she’s more on like solid food like it she’s not and I was like early stages of like born poop she’s not whooping like constantly so I think that also kind of cuts down on using wipes which was a big.
Question and another thing I finally used up now I mean.

Granite it was just one plastic container of the what are these.

The Pampers wipes I don’t really sorry if the light is going to change no idea but um yeah it’s the pampers sensitive ones which they were okay like Pampers wipes are like okay to me like I find the texture of the wipes weird like they do a great job like there’s nothing really wrong with him it’s just the texture um I don’t.

Know so yeah I use these up and then so I I.

Always like to buy the Huggies wipes in like the big box.

At the one time I bought the wrong box like I bought the box like that goes in these things and not the packs and like I don’t know I just like.

Hate those kind and so I finally used too much cuz I kept I’m putting them here but then I didn’t work right because if these were for pampers I don’t know I just I’m so happy to see this go so it should be well I guess technically this is a white as well but those are all.
Baby wipes so this I’m putting this.

In here because probably like if the next time I would use it so it’d be dried out anyways by them and these are just the wipes they gave me in the hospital I did like a linen closet clear out I can like link it down below her in the cards but yeah these were the wipes.

That I got in hospital and like I’m like I’m obviously not gonna go home I was going through the linen closet I was like let’s just take these out because they’re gonna dry out by the time I would use them anyway so if I can give them to anyone I will but I don’t really know anybody that’s gonna.

Meet them anytime soon so yeah that’s those like okay so let’s get rid of some of these big containers in here so I stopped breastfeeding and I might do a video on it I haven’t decided yet I never did a time month update and I don’t think I’m going.

To at this point it’s like already this far through the month and by the time I get around to it I don’t think you know I’ll already be on till 11 months so I think I might just.

Do like a like why I stopped breastfeeding so regardless stay tuned for that just in case so we had tried like a couple different formulas like I had gotten like free formula in the mail from like the.

Different formula companies and none of it was working like she hated all of it and I asked the lady at work.

In other videos before too so this might be a repeat for you but so we tried her on the similac for some supplementation it’s like this kind of like greenish tea lush wine and you know it was working good you know like sometimes she would still refused it but for the most part like she.

Took this better than any other formula which I mean it is for like you know supplementing with formula so I mean it does make sense so I was like you know what this is like I think $27 sur one of.

These and this is the biggest size it comes to and so I tried getting the generic target version like she still drank it.

Like I don’t necessarily think like she noticed like a difference in.

Taste but her body reacted funny to this.

Super gassy super fussy like hated it which I’m like to come on because they’ve been only like $13 for the same size so yeah I want to finish through it because I was like well you know I might as well we already bought it so and now I just.

Went through another one of these so and it was more of like a food type of empty but I figured you know what let’s put this in here and let’s talk about it because I really liked it she really liked it and.

Then also just something I didn’t work so yeah that’s formula mostly other stuff should just be broad products and.

Maybe a little makeup maybe but yes so let’s see what else do we have here this isn’t gonna be all out of order just so you know because I can’t even see what’s in here this is a big container so one of our favorites is Dragons KJ loves this lotion I love this lotion like now he’s gonna.

Say like I’m being weird like what are you talking about but I feel like for me even though I love it like it smells amazing this is just the original scent it’s like the cherry almond which smells delicious like I feel like I have a hard time like rubbing it in on me like I feel like it doesn’t soak in as good as some other lotions but I still like love it and use it but this is like KJ’s fragrant like he loves Jergens it works amazing he.

Has the softest skin ever because he puts on lotion 24/7 like if only we could all Green definitely not me another favorite of both of ours is.

A Vina bodywash this one I didn’t realize when I.

Bought it I had like a coupon for it it has it’s an exfoliating body wash didn’t know that when.

I bought it but it still works good it was.

Just a little bit thicker so it was a little harder get out so I would just personally stick with the regular one but it still worked great major skin feels super soft like we.

Love the Anita body washes there’s probably gonna be another one in here I’m sure of it and now this is another body wash now KJ doesn’t really use this one I mean I get it it is extremely drying but it’s super cheap and.

I’m kind of funny like leave a comment down below if you like have this experience as well now I mostly use this to shave like I cannot.

Use like anything creamy to shave my legs it like.

Literally at my legs break out.

In rashes like I’ve bumped everywhere like it doesn’t matter like I could use like shaving.

Cream or I know like some people use like conditioner I actually try that once now don’t like that or even any kind of like creamy body like creamy like you know just soaps and stuff like I just can’t use it so I just use like some just really crappy stripping almost of.

Lotion stripping like body wash and it works great and allow there’s up good like I know I really like which I.

Haven’t bought in a while like the Neutrogena body wash like that one is like amazing for me when it comes to shaving like I.

Don’t break out or anything like I love that like I might buy it again when summer comes around because I’m hoping I’m concerned shaving my legs a little more I know it’s a little TMI about my mom and I already already hate taking showers I already already hate taking showers like pull out some baby gimmicks now.

This one is the multi-surface cleaner now a lot I really do like the veiny annex like I’m a little.

Bit more like kind of like gradually stopped using them just because I feel like I can mostly only find them at the baby store and I don’t want to always have to go beast or justified cleaning products so I like started using like the method products and I absolutely love them so I I wouldn’t buy this anymore but like you know and it’s.

Like something great to put on your register you look it’s a good natural cleaner it does a good job you know it doesn’t smell gross so yeah love this.

Stuff I’m still working on I have another one downstairs the multi-surface I’m still working on like the shower cleaner as well which I really like the shower cleaner so I’ll have to see actually if I like the math I wonder.

Haven’t started using that yet the shower cleaner of that because if not I’ll just go back to the baby Gans one I have two of these dressed where they though they come laundry stain.

Think I mentioned this one when I make my cleaning videos like I couldn’t put that down below because I go on a rant about these and the dapple ones so I really like the direct one like it’s like.

One I like I ever had like I was like it works really good like takes out all the stains but my issue is it it smells terrible like it is so strong I’m like how is this baby safe like it smells like like I just don’t get it it smells terrible like maybe I’m being dramatic but it.

Just smells disgusting to me like I can’t smell like like if I have to spray like a whole load worth of stuff like my whole everything just starts burning.

So I mean even though it does a great job.

Like now that I’ve moved on to like the dapple one which still does an amazing job but it doesn’t smell bad like I definitely wouldn’t buy these again like I would just say buy the dapple one unless you can’t find it then this is a great alternative because as I said it does work good but yeah if you can find the dapple one just got the dapple one let’s just stick to cleaners and because i find two more okay so yeah here’s the tub and tile and i was talking about love this stuff.

I’m still working on one right now and like I said if I don’t end up liking the method when I’ll probably just go back to this or maybe I. meyer’s one cuz I’ve never tried anything mrs. Meyer stuff everybody like raised about them like oh my god I.

Love this sense I don’t know I smelled a bunch of her in the store and I wasn’t like overwhelmed with them so maybe I just have to go back to them you know we’ll see.

And another thing which actually I’m obsessed with like I love this stuff like more than anything like this is probably my favorite baby Ganic sparked and it is the foaming dish.

And bottle so like this clings a bottle so like it gets everything out like it doesn’t leave any residue like it works amazing I just love it now this is the like the refill one like I have like the pump downstairs.

And I just like dump it in and I was surprised like because you would stink like with a pump thing I always think like oh my gosh I’m gonna go through this so fast but I really didn’t I was really surprised at how long it lasts and how long.

One of these refills lasts because I think I want to say this is only my second refill I want to say I mean don’t call me on that one but yeah it does rat lasts a really long time and it’s not that expensive especially when you buy it like this rip instead.

Of keep on buying like the pump part again I said there would probably be another vno in here and there’s this is just the it says daily most moisturizing I can’t talk I am like I’ve been so dehydrated lately like my mouth is so dry like I’m just gonna be tripping all over my words but yeah anyways this is the amino daily moisturizing body wash.

And we love this obviously we buy it in the big one that pump now I know it’s like eleven dollars for this at like Walmart but it is so worth it like it just leaves your skin it’s so smooth like it’s amazing and for someone that hates putting on lotion like okay I know I should still be putting on lotion after I take a shower but you know sometimes I skip and at least I want to use this more like my skin doesn’t feel.

Dry like this like suave one if I don’t put lotion on it oh I feel it like you know my legs are dry as all heck but this one no it’s it’s definitely worth it.

Definitely worth the eleven dollars for the big one the one looks like this size I were actually I think this is a little bit smaller than the regular one it’s only like seven bucks so it’s not as bad but it’s definitely worth it definitely worth it I hope you can’t see all this trash over here I’d be a little embarrassing let’s do this one because I hated this and I actually don’t even yeah I only have.

This one I bought two of them because.

I had a coupon for it I ended up hating both.

Of them and I bought two different scents / like I don’t know you know they always have different like lines of shampoo like oh one for color-treated or one I bought two separate different lines of this is the Herbal Ness herbal essence right.

Now and I’ve been trying to like I’m trying to do a little bit more natural products you know trying to do natural cleaners like trying to find some more natural stuff for me as I like go through things trying to mine some new natural steps so I had a coupon for this and I bought two of the shampoos and I hated both of them like I just feel like I would wash my hair with it and it lathered fine like that you know.

It’s not like it didn’t louder it’s not like it felt different but like as.

I was washing it through my hair oh my gosh like it felt like my hair was tangling as I was like washing it through and like it made my hair like weirdly like dry but then like not at the same time like I don’t know how to describe it I didn’t like.

Like this is the what’s this one it’s white grapefruit and most cement whatever most cement is trying to make fancy names here it smells amazing.

Like this smells so good and that’s why I think I had so much high hopes for it it did not work I’m using one right now and I first think with a little unsure of it but I’m really thinking I’m starting to like it.

So yeah just stay tuned because I’m sure they’re gonna be more empties so that’ll probably be in there but I just need to get the conditioner because I think maybe that might be another thing I’m still using which I have one in here I have which I’ve been using this since high school obsessed with it every.

Time I’d have to try different conditioner and like I don’t know this is the Herbal Essence long-term relationship conditioner oh my gosh I love this stuff like I just I don’t know I’ve been using it since high school like I said and I always feel like my hair like does amazing with it and you had this also smells.

Good what flavor is this one um ooh juicy pomegranate yeah there’s like pomegranates on the front of it yeah it smells good and KJ always tells me my hair smells amazing.

But I might try to get the more natural conditioner just to see because I’ve never used a natural conditioner Oh lemon trying the shampoo since I had a couple of these on hand so we’ll see we’ll just have to wait for future videos I guess one of those products so this is the job sans head-to-toe body wash I think I’m pretty sure I talked about this in my first.

Baby video my favorite bath and body products for babies I’m pretty sure I talked about this one in there I really do like.

This one like she likes it you know it doesn’t have any weird smell doesn’t even have a scent but yes the head to tell um body wash has a subtle scent not not too crazy but I like that this one’s.

No more tears or you know tear free so k if it gets in her eyes look it doesn’t sting so that’s why I really like this one I just thought this again like maybe maybe a month.

Ago like I hadn’t bought dry shampoo in the longest time and I was just like I don’t know my hair is starting to get because when I got like pregnant and like after right after I had low like everything was super dry like my hair was dry my skin was dry.

But now like I don’t know if it’s changing again because like I was like kind of like stopping breastfeeding who the hell knows whatever.

Um but yeah I went back to the batiste dry shampoo and this is the tropical scent I don’t know if they all kind of just smell powdery to me but whatever but I love this stuff I recommend it it’s amazing it.

Does a great job yes it can because I have darker hair it can leave a little bit of like a white look to it but you just let I just let it sit and then like maybe like five minutes later shake my fingers through and then we’re good to go like a you don’t see it then another product this is one another product that I had in the closet that I just had to.

Get rid of because once summer rolls around I am not about to get burned by using an old sunscreen so they expire because two years a two-year actually I think it’s longer than that I think it was like three years ago I have taken like I had sunscreen and in the closet this is a back when I was living at my parents house but I had it in the closet took it on vacation.

And got completely burned the first day not knowing that my sunscreen had expired so I’m like we have really weird about it we went on vacation like a couple of times last summer and I mean there’s a lot left in here but I’m just really weird about it like I don’t want to get burned bath & Bodyworks foaming hand soap love these things I.

Never like I think I got this one for Christmas I never buy them because I’m like I don’t want to spend the money like it I know it’s not like super expensive but.

I mean it’s foaming hand soap you’re gonna go through it a lot faster but yeah this is just the warm warm of vanilla sugar scent smells amazing I love when you can still smell it like the bottle still.

Smells of it okay Cetaphil just a classic I mean how can you not use to develop I love Cetaphil I have unless I’ve gotten rid of it I don’t know if it went bad but I had their like face lotion really like that and I just.

Love just their face wash like it’s amazing I was like I just good general cleanser I love it here’s a product oh so actually I’ll pull out both them yeah just these two okay so two products that there’s still stuff in here but I’m never going to use again and they’re probably gonna dry out by the time anyone.

Else that I would know would walk them and that is these medela quick wipe and these I guess the brand’s oh now I guess the Brian is the first years.

And they’re called pacifier wipes I think I mentioned pacifier wipes in another video I don’t remember I don’t know if I’ve filmed that video yet but anyways regardless I just could never see myself using.

These i if it falls on the floor i didn’t literally just pick it up put it on out suck it out and hand it back to her unless.

Dirty or there’s something on it or like you know obviously I wouldn’t do that in a bathroom like you know there’s look certain most times I won’t do that but you know anywhere look around.

The house or look at other people’s houses I don’t know that’s just my style so I just never see myself actually.

Using these and these are just a quick wipes you equip whoops oh my gosh I love going back and editing my videos but I just stumble over everything and I didn’t even recognize it either during the video that’s funny yeah these are just the quick wipes you can just use me it’s.

Actually I did use them when I was on vacation because like that long ride in the car like you know I needed a pump because it was just easier to pump like it was faster.

And I could do that as we were driving then rather a blow like we have to stop for like 40 minutes while she was like feeding on me this was like way earlier the beginning like she was like I think even the.

Second time we went it was like she was only like 2 months old so at that timing it was took her it took so long to breastfeed that.

It was easier just to pump in the car and feed her bottles so I did use these then like I was like a quick thing but like it’s weird like I know I say like for the pacifier wipe it’s like like I just like suck the pacifier and hand it back to her but like with the pump parts like I was like really weird like I was like I don’t like that I don’t have them cleaned every time like.

Know I don’t make any sense it’s pretty much what I’m trying to tell you but yeah I don’t need these anymore I’ve stopped breastfeeding I’ve stopped pumping so I don’t need them and they’re probably.

Gonna you know dry out but either the next time I have a baby if that’s gonna happen or by the time someone.

Else I know has a baby because no one I know is pregnant right now so that’s that Oh another lotion now I didn’t end up liking this lotion and using.

It but not for low I use it on myself so this is the Shea Moisture it’s fragrance really it’s fragrance free gluten free and.

It says it’s the baby healing lotion it’s for ultra sensitive a type of allergenic pediatrician tested.

Like all that great stuff so it kind of is kind of weird I forget smelled like play-doh yeah it kind of has like a play-doh II smell to it um because I just write grants free um so yeah I kind of like a weird smell and like there was nothing wrong with the lotion like it worked super well it was so thick like trying to squeeze it out here and then just trying to run like just imagine trying to rub.

A thick cream on a baby like I got where.

Going with this it’s great and I guess like you know if.

You have a baby that’s extremely sensitive I’m sure this is great I never ended up using on her because I was like to try to like work it in.

My hands and then trying to work it on her I get it to like you know kind of sink in or where it’s not like white all over her whole body cuz it’s like this bright white lotion so I ended up just using.

It on myself and I really liked it like you know I have no reaction and this one was a good.

One for me like I said before with like pull shaving thing if I use like a weird lotion or like extremely fragrant lotion after I.

Shave and sometimes it doesn’t have to be extremely fragrant either just like certain lotions I can’t use I will break out everywhere on my legs like big and flame right everywhere but this one was great for it so I mean if you have extremely.

Sensitive skin you can just use this for yourself Julie it was it was really good I don’t know how much it cost I think I got at my baby shower but it was good I only have one I know I’ve got some more toothpaste there is like two of us brushing.

Our teeth but I probably like forgot threw in the trash who knows.

What happened but my this is my favorite it is the Colgate max fresh with.

Whitening and it’s the breath strips this flavor is clean mint I’m using the blue.

One right now and I swear it doesn’t work as good so.

Yeah this is my favorite like I prefer Colgate over crest like I’m not as like specific on like whichever like you know line within the cold eat brand so I’m a Colgate girl okay next lotion if there is something that you need postpartum it is this.

Like you know if you had like a million stretch marks or even like some stretch marks no like barely just any of that mix and is this step this is the medela Nutella this is the mederma stretch marks therapy oh my.

God this stuff works good it’s like $30 it’s extremely expensive for what it is I think like I got lucky and there was like a coupon and like a cartwheel so kind of like look out.

For that kind of stuff but it is amazing it works so.

Good like I wish I would have taken a picture of my belly.

Like before-and-after because like it barely looks like I have any stretch marks anymore the skin itself feels so much smoother because you know with stretch marks especially like that like they can get really bumpy Reggie kind of like textures like a little bit rougher but my stomach.

Feels so much so they’re in my structure marks like they don’t look nearly as bad as they do like this stuff is amazing look I want to buy more of it like I don’t spend the money and I didn’t even use it.

Every day either like it tells you like on here I think like using it like every day or something yeah applied twice apply two times a day morning and evening it says results can be seen as.

Soon as four weeks with optimum results in 12 I like didn’t.

Even use this every day terrible saying that but it’s.