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Welcome to my youtube channel if you’re a first-time viewer then don’t forget to click the subscribe button but for those of you guys that have been with me on this journey of eight to seven videos welcome back guys today is the first ever review plus a giveaway video I’m super excited because somebody needs to get all of these.

Goodies guys but first of all we’re gonna do a bit of a review on these lovely products which I’ve been testing out for the past two to three months and also it’s a bit with brands that have collaborated.

For the past two to three months and I’m really excited to give this away to one lucky person one lucky subscriber one lucky blog reader one lucky Instagram and one lucky Twitter fan one lucky Facebook fan you guys get the works okay we’re gonna.

Start with this amazing Justine tissue oil I really really really love this product guys for those of you guys that don’t know I’ve got stretch marks and the switch you to weight gain so I used to be so skinny like very skinny.

Like skinny like that’s the stumble lollipop this stumbo lollipop I don’t know where I’m gonna put it in but yeah it’s very skinny and then I picked up a lot of weight I mean girl got some.

Thighs girl got some boobies and I started to develop stretch marks on my boobs stretch marks along my waist you know where the booty is lucky enough I managed to get rid of my stretch marks on my boobs because I was using a tissue oil pack thing but I can’t remember the name of that.

Tissue oil yeah but it really did wonders guys.

My boobs are like this got no stretch marks that your it worked so wonderfully guys it feels like it was a dream that I even had stretch marks on my boobs it says that you need to apply those twice.

Daily which I did and I honestly did start to see a difference but because my stretch marks are a bit dark here by my thigh and so forth obviously the results will take longer to get off and I am still currently using it but I love this product to the core what I do is I just stretch.

My body am i you know the skin by my by my waist and I can actually see how it’s like taking away the stretch marks like bit by bit so I can actually see it working and I’ve got a lot of confidence in this product one thing I forgot to mention is that I’ll leave links in the description about where you guys can purchase these products and so forth and.

If I forgot to insert that I can also insert it somewhere in this video I’m not really sure you complete this just in tissue oil but.

I think you can get it on movie boxed outside Ruby Box Tops here today because they’re the ones that gave me this gorgeous product to try out and I must say I’m.

Sorry one thing I didn’t really liked was I didn’t make my skin a little bit.

Dry which was weird like I think it was after the first week of using light so it started to make my skin a bit dry so I didn’t really like that but also as soon as a personal reminder to apply more so I think it’s actually like you know a great way to remind yourself to apply more tissue oil and then that in turn actually.

Speeds up the process but guys you also need to be open-minded and you need to be aware of the fact that it is a strenuous and it’s a slow process so you have to be.