Beauty Products I Will & Won't Be Repurchasing // 2017 Empties | Rachael Jade

I just filmed a video hauling this hat and I know it’s highly likely that I’ll never actually get around to wearing it so I’m going to wear it for this video it’s actually still got it it’s tag on it but whatever we’re gonna go with it today I’m filming an empties video I have been hoarding empty products products.

That I finished for the last year not everything but just things that I thought that I wanted to talk about for one reason or another of course it’s now been a.

Since I finished some of those products so who knows what I actually planned on saying about them but we’re gonna go through this box and I’m gonna give it a shot some.

Of these products or most of these products actually I probably bought myself but some may have been gifted to me to try out and I’ll try and specify that as we go along but hopefully you enjoy.

Hearing a whole bunch of reviews about a whole bunch of different beauty products mainly skin care and hair care okay let’s start with this one this one was actually sent to me for review this.

Is from a Veda and it’s their control force firm hold hairspray I’ve gotta say I don’t like starting on a negative note but I really didn’t love this at all the packaging is.

I don’t know whether I just got a dodgy bottle or what but it kept on leaking every time I.

Go to use that I have to like run it under hot water to try and um seal this so I can actually get product out sometimes I get a lot of product sometimes I get a little bit of product or there we are there’s still some random product coming out of it it has quite a strong scent.

It was quite a sticky product so I did give you good hold but I think for the price that this is worth compared to a cheaper like just drugstore hairspray I don’t think I see any value in this.

And honestly the packaging was such a faff that I don’t think I’d even try it again because of how annoying it was I finished it up because I hate wasting product.

But yeah this one just didn’t do it for me the next pressure have.

You is from a venn this is their triac Niall expert stubborn it’s these I hate I hate French products because I struggle to actually pronounce their names but it’s an emulsion basically it was kind of like a treatment cream that you put on your face for acne skin I put it on my face after cleansing and it was supposed to help with stubborn imperfections and there is residual marks that you get from acne I really like the this range from Avene they have some great.

Products I think I actually have some more in this bottle here this bottle this box but if you have acne prone skin and you’re struggling to find a range of products that work for you I would definitely check out this range the some of the products have this acne ol or expert in.

The name some of them have these clinics I think is the actual range but really like that.

This product I’ve actually just finished up as well this is and again another emotion this is more of like a moisturizer type product and I really really liked this as well I think I would definitely repurchase this and probably I’d repurchase this at some point as.