Product Review | Baldwin Moisturizing Lotion For Men

This is Jill for today and I am directing now this is the director and he’s going to be introducing a product review am I ready you’re ready okay I have a company that sent me I don’t know if you can see that I’m gonna get in okay go okay it’s Baldwin moisturizing lotion savvy care for men I have.

So I’m going to see if the Baldwin moisturizing lotion helps my helps with my skin.

It’s uh let’s see what it says it says de moisturizing cream rich moisture cream for the facial skin I’ll maintain the natural moisture balance of the skin may help against environmental.

Changes God knows we have enough of those fast absorption based on the argan oil that nourishes the skin vitamin E and C known as antioxidants and Dead Sea minerals it’s good because my skin is almost dead so they should help anyway we’re gonna do a I think a 30 day trial of this.

And I will check in with you weekly so I’m going to put some of this into my hand and.
I think I got too much but we’ll see and I’m a rub it in my.

Face it says rub it in till it absorbs fall and I definitely got too much on my hands so I don’t think that’s gonna absorb but eventually it will so anyway that’s day one and we’ll check in a week well how does it feel how does it smell it smells nice it’s got a nice Pleasant aroma I can’t identify it as anything but it feels good it feels creamy smooth and so far so good but that was.

The initial application so we’ll see in a week and we’re gonna give it a full 30 days.

To see how it goes and we’ll let you know whether we recommend it or not that’s all is that enough yeah okay Tom thank you for thank you so much for watching and we’ll let you know again about Baldwin moisturizing cream savvy care for men bang see you in a week.