Summer 2017 Empties – Mini Product Reviews | Vlogtember #22

It’s that time again it’s time for summer empties and today we’re in a container store bag and it does have quite a few products in there but not nearly as many as the size of this bag so if you guys want to know why I have a container store bag you’ve got to look at my blog it means.

You haven’t seen it if you don’t know why how I spent my time during her maquette hurricane I don’t leave a card up and I’ll put it in the description box below so if you want to know why I have.

A container store back look there and without further ado first up Eagle styler I think this is super protein out of this you know guys know I use it for the watching go series and then I use it to sleep my edges and it worked really.

Well actually so if you look up something else lick the edges he’s not heavy at all like it does it feel heavy going on.

And does it I’m leaving here feeling stiff that’s a good way to go then we have super wet so you guys know I’ll say I am about I have the choice.

Of buying this online if I can find a good shipping deal but I’m trying not to I’m trying not to but I love this gel sad to see it gone LaRoche was.

A tellurian hydrating gentle cleanser this is my morning and evening facial cleanser and I’ve been using this religiously I already have another bottle I’m probably good.

Ways through that one purchase this from Ulta it was $14.

99 and I blast bought it on a sale so yeah this is really.

Gentle great for oily combination skin lovely lovely cleans well then we have eco styler olive oil gel washing go serious use guys now this is definitely one of my favorites then we have America fixed plus and I’m actually going to back to Mac this I’m not gonna just throw this away but yeah you’ve been using this too set my makeup as well as make sure it.

Doesn’t look powdery and it works you know it’s not my favorite but it works and I’m glad it’s gone I hope you purchase.

It but it works shea moisture fruit infusion coconut water to land in enjoy a bubble bath and body wash with in bay oil and aloe you guys know I use this as a body wash at least I used to I have one more than I’m going to use.
Up and then this will be a no-go no more Shea Moisture for me.

Then we have the first day beauty anti redness sera emergency repair with fab antioxidant booster and this was just.

Serum for the skin I was using this at night.

It’s really gentle it’s very moisturizing great for sensitive skin good price point for.
7 fluid ounces clean products good way to go then.

Waters style setter this is the favorite of mine for under support most riser for my watching goes this last very long time smells delightful such a good product definitely.

Holy ground status and I recommend to anyone anyone it goes with a.

Lot of gels and does not work well with all the eco styler gel it works well with some of them you just kind of try it yourself and figure out whether your level of heavy-handedness it’s compatible with.

The gel but love this I will repurchase this I’m just trying to make sure that I don’t buy anything.

New in my stash at the moment then we have the furrow methi cinnamon shine see you guys know this is a absolute favorite of mine and fall is coming I’m wearing darker lipsticks because I’m just feeling it but my nail color is still bright cuz it’s still summer it’s you know it’s a conundrum in my head.

Like I know fall will be here this week but it doesn’t feel like it it’s like 90 degrees outside so it’s like mixing up my beauty my fingernail our summer and my lipstick is fall whatever but perfect fall beverage Hiromichi makes the perfect chai in sachets so.

If you haven’t tried it get it see LaRoche was a tellurian ultra and this is a moisturizer this is really really nice especially in the summer it packs such.

A moisturizing punch but it’s light and I really enjoyed that I would definitely repurchase this I have some other moisturizers in my stash that I’m using up right now I’m using the.

Kate Somerville goat milk but I will definitely repurchase this in the future then we have the mega food mega floor plus nourish rebuild and protect you guys know I’ve been using this.

Vitamin this is a probiotic I’ll leave a link in the description box to my vitamin regimen but I did repurchase this then we.

Have the Camaro’s Naturals L of moisture milk definite favorite like definitely girls does this just packs such a punch of moisture it’s great as a leave-in greater than voice 2 right there great of the refresher it’s just awesome it’s wonderful I love it then we have the obeah Naturals.

Babassu deep conditioner I’ll leave a link to my review on this one I did a blog review of this one this is very very moisturizing I enjoyed it it doesn’t have enough slick for me but it was moisturizing it does the job it’s all natural that’s no protein so it’s actually your goal you want to moisturize a deep additional with no protein this is a good way to go the bye bye Luigi reshares reach out oh my.

God three sheriff’s lotion P 15 1970 this is an awesome awesome toner it solves a lot of my acne issues a lot of my arm what are those poor issues this did things for my skin I love it I’m going to purchase the lotion p 5400 because that one’s supposed to deal with hyperpigmentation right now I’m using an old hammer oxen.

Chemical exfoliator to give myself a break my scanner break to not use something as strong but then.

I’m gonna use the 400 from this line it goes styler color-treated gel this was my least favorite as you guys know oh this is probably good for twist outs but.

In the end I say no don’t purchase this and this one’s really hard to find so you don’t got to.

Worry about that anyway diva curl bill up buster this does this is a sample I got from Sephora I was like a hundred point part this does the job.

It really does clean your hair it doesn’t strip it it does the job and the price point I don’t think it’s worth it I think you can get cleansers that do this for less but there’s nothing wrong with it so if diva curl is your jam this is a good product juice and this is one that is not empty but I’ll never use again the shame what’s your super food multivitamin hair mask this and absolutely.

Nothing from my hair like like nothing I put.

It on it and I was angry because I absolutely get on it did nothing I rinsed it out if nothing happened I still need to use another conditioner so I’m not using this again I’m giving this away even though I feel guilty about giving it away because.

Anyways Too Faced better than sex mascara I usually go through mascara.

And buy the season and just because you should throwing.

Away everything months but I also just ran out this is my favorite mascara makes my lashes look lovely and I’m currently using another two faiths better than math better.

Than sex mascara Clinique take the day off balm I have so many of.

These in videos because this is just great this takes up all this face takes off the makeup and it just works beautifully it’s cheap for what it is it has good ingredients um great for my sensitive skin it just works it’s also a great date morning cleanser too so yeah but I’m actually using the nude face oil right now so once that’s gone.

I will go back to my tank they’ll foam because in vain bro next we have the Bujji parfum of.

Bloom a luxury citrus fragrance candle um purchases from all world market every time I burned it it reminded me of hair.

Was a coconut citrus scent and that just reminds me of hair products so it was interesting I won’t be.

Part just because that reminds me of that sit but it smells just fine and I got it from world.

Market or cos plus world if you guys want to smell it it smells a very pleasant citrusy but not fruit to foodie not too sweet but I mean it’s nice it just reminds me of hair products and I don’t want my house to smell like hair product and then last but not least is the Clinique Moisture Surge thanks spray and this is awesome I use this after.

In the mornings after using the fire lotion by logic research to give myself any little spritz of moisture and.

To help calm my skin because that products it’s just very paralyzing from the skin it’s very strong and I just like to give my skin a little relief using this but right now a face bright does not fit within my regimen so I won’t repurchase but if I was going.

To repurchase one I would definitely repurchase this this is actually my second or third bottle of this it’s really really good now that’s all my summer empties that’s why use of this summer it was a good amount of stuff I tried to go through a fairly quick and the comments box below let me know if you’ve used any of this stuff and if you have what’s your favorite let me know what you used up this summer what did you use to death that’s what I want to.

Know so that I know to try it the next time summer rolls around and I hope you enjoyed this video a full list of products will be below as well as on the blog and I’ll see.

You next time thanks for watching guys bye you.