Juliana's Product Reviews | Minx Mogul Skin Md

Hi my name is Giuliana I’m 25 and I’m an avid nice mobile skinned empty lover I’m a classic example of combination skin so I have issues with both dryness and breakouts I like to start off my mornings with my willow bark wash and I use this just to dissolve any new coil that’s built up from the night before.
And clean and adding to follow it up with my daily.

See any skin effects and let me tell you this definitely fixes your skin the next step that is something that I love putting on every single day and that’s one of my favorite products on this line and it’s the game face changer I use of every morning and.

Every night and I use it also the makeup primer during those times that I’m expecting a flare-up or a breakdown I love to use the exits and mask this mask is incredible and it’s been wonderful to help me with my pores just to help them get unplugged and to really soften up.

My skin another product that I love to use throughout the week is the Jojo scrub this scrub is so soft and exfoliating it.

Really helps to unclog the pores by getting rid of all those dead skin cells and it just leaves your skin so nice soft and glowing retinol is everywhere and getting so much good press and for a reason it’s incredible for your skin.

It helps anti-age you and it can help with breakouts so obviously that is definitely in my skincare regime but not only does this.

Retinol products help with my breakout and Hum anti-age my skin it is time released and therefore is so much easier on.

My skin and does not cause the same type of irritation so that’s why I absolutely love them mainly a blessed dose you.