The Most Sophisticated Scent For Women! Rihanna! Reb'l Fleur Fragrance! | Verenice Nunez

Everyone in the roms are reviewing senti beauty products and I’m over here like reviewing a Rihanna perfume I know what y’all thinking let’s go kind of for that DVD bronze in today’s video we are going to be reviewing a perfume by Rihanna I was walking you know through the perfume aisle and I noticed her fragrance on the shelf.

And I was like you know what I need to review it for you guys because it smelled amazing and yes I am a little bit sour because I haven’t been able to purchase her Fanta beauty line her makeup line and I’m gonna be honest you guys it’s a little bit expensive you know it’s and the high end.

Range price for your beauty products so I’m like I’m gonna hold off on that and yeah so I guess we’re gonna have to you know be okay with the.

Fact I’m gonna be rubbing a fragrance of her and so the fragrance that we’re gonna be reviewing is called rebel Lord and it is spirulina and I think that’s how you say it don’t quote me not sure of it oh yeah so this.

Is how the fragrance looks like and I think it’s been out for a while now I just never picked it up and I recently noticed it and I was like you know what I need to get this and try it so overall the packaging of this fragrance is super cute here we have Rihanna smelling it King Rose you know I love it in her red hair she looks gorgeous.
And red hair gorgeous so this is 1.

Ounces lights up like that and then you are left with this.

Gorgeous design here has gold and.

Poo and love it obviously I’m not gonna keep the packaging just because I like to store my bottles just without their box so I can display them so I’m not gonna keep it’s cute prepare yourself for this reveal because if you’ve never seen this program you’re about to be hypnotized look at how beautiful this bottle is you guys I really really love it it looks super sophisticated it feels really nice.

And sturdy and let me give you a close-up of course as you can see it has a little bit of like a black ribbon ribbon effect around the bottle it looks super gorgeous let me give you like a little 360 of the bottle so yeah let.

Me spray it on myself because if I don’t spray it on myself this is not a review okay it’s not a review that smells so freakin gorgeous I really really love the scent to it so elegant so sophisticated let me give you a description of what these scents aren’t it doesn’t have it on the box so I’m definitely going to have to research this a little bit you know just to see what’s in this fragrance so this fragrance.

I purchased a Ross Dress for.

99 but you can find this fragrance at other places like Macy’s JCPenney but they’re way more expensive there so I am right now on the magazine’s website and it says.

Here that this fragrance runs for $35 and it doesn’t have an actual.

Like this comes in one size which is 1.7 fluid ounces and it is originally $35 and.99 so I got a real good deal on that let’s see it says that this product is a daring sexy and truly memorable rebel floor.

Is as much in tune with Barbados born Rihanna’s roots as it is with the glamour of her present life in New York City the top notes.