How I Organise My Folders!| University Edition | Jodie – Marie

And everyone welcome back to my channel so today’s video is gonna be a requested video someone really kindly left a comment saying that they would love to see how I organize my notes and my folders this one is more of a folder organization than anything but I do mention how I do my notes and take my notes so.

If you guys want to see a separate video this video is more of a folder organization than anything but if you guys do when I see how I organize my notes then please just let me know it down below and I will do that video I’m very happy to do it although.

I do talk about my notes in this one so it’s to you guys um yeah let’s just get into the video I guess and I hope you guys enjoy.

It just imagine we woke up in paradise don’t need mad everyone like I said in my my introduction to this video I’m gonna do some filing for third year so I have a system of having folders it’s what I prefer over not having them and keeping.
Them in other stuff or keeping them in.

Notebooks in stuff I’m someone that loves organization especially for school and university I tend to have one big leaver Arch file per semester use dividers these folders at anywhere with me unless it’s deadline day.

Or week I just shoot Paper dividers in them because they laughs just because I’m not really heat opening and closing it that much really but then I do have plastic dividers for my.
Day folder or folders which I will show you.

Probably organize that one together in a minute but first I’m going to organize these so I’m not quite sure what way around I’m gonna do them yet but my system is if all four lectures so.

A tab for lectures a tab some NARS a tab for research and so I use about three tabs Fermata for this mess that.

Have three modules my dissertation module my dissertation is a totally different folder which I’ll do after these ones and then I’ll write on the writer normally doing.

Stuff we’ll use this one for semester to so move that one to the side and I’m gonna use this one for.

Semester one oh dear and I’m a little bit like me and Teresa but I really wanted to get these done on my video filmed so I’m just gonna take a chrome Crayola yeah and all I’m gonna do is write on.

It they have my weekly goals tab which is from as well as Beauty range last year and this is my timetable this is.

All I have but the notes say that I have entrepreneurship strategy for business with simulation and my dissertation that that isn’t enough two three oh there.

Is another one but I don’t know what it’s called yet I don’t know whether it’s crisis management or disaster is it crisis and disaster I think that’s what they called crisis management or disaster management I don’t know what it is they leave this first one blank with what Taiyo.

Like what module it is this next one a manager is entrepreneurship but this I don’t know if I’m gonna go back and get one of these for every module I have so depending upon the module and the module leader we get quite big module handbooks now module Hamburg’s at the University of.

Lincoln are basically your specification for a subject or module and sometimes they can be quite thick so I’ve got this now I like to have them either.