How I Organise My Folders!| University Edition | Jodie – Marie

An assignment or write assignment if it’s both I tend to just put research because obviously you need to research for these things so it just depends on what what the assignments are so I will get into it the first thing I have at the front of.

Every single module without fail there is always one of.

These for my course is the module handbook so so normally I have my module handbook and the lectures however my lectures are one of the things that aren’t in this folder they’re actually at home then I have seminar side seminar notes and questions and exercises so here are my seminar questions that we had in some of them I do have my.

Weapons out and stuff I run a system with notes but I’m going to.

Show you in a different set of notes because it’s not it’s not great with finance ones because it’s maths okay on to the next one this is project management again same structure so we have lecture slides lecture notes and then activities net exercises if we have them so I print them off like there so I print them off on PowerPoint with three slides double caged and the way I work notes wise is I.

Write up the neck notes before the lecture most of the time my lecturers put them on before even if it’s like the day the night before I then write them up and then when I go to cast I.

Take a printed version of the PowerPoint and at the side are right on any notes extra that the lecturers say some lecturers read straight off the PowerPoint so there’s no point other lecturers don’t and they add stuff to what their point is on the PowerPoint and that’s when I write it down so that’s just how I.

Work I know that’s a bit excessive but it’s how it works best for me and for me to remember it everybody learns differently at the end of the day so here are all of their lecture slides and then here are all of my lecture notes now sometimes I put the lecture notes.

Behind the PowerPoint that corresponds with it for this particular one I didn’t I just did it after so here all my notes as you can see they’re not too powerful I tend to just follow the head while highlight the header music and and now we’re on to seminar so I didn’t have any activities or questions at the end of that module it’s fine so the same thing with seminar stuff to be honest just have the slides then we have to read a lot of journal articles.

Or newspaper articles and stuff so I had those in at the appropriate times and now we’re on to the next module so this as you can see this is this is what works best for me and because at my university.

Earning my course we do split between lectures and seminars for each module it works the.

Best so again you’ve got a human resource management so we have all the lecture slides see look here you can tell where I’ve wrote opened it closer so here I’ve wrote what the.

Lecture is said this one worked a little bit differently I found very.

Quickly on that this lecturer didn’t really speak much about what was on the PowerPoint and so what I did was I I don’t think I did.

It physically for the lecture one just cuz I wasn’t there but.