Self Care And Business With A Chronic Illness

Hey there folks Brian King the mindset King here coming to you live from self care central this is something I typically do in the afternoons after sitting up at my desk for the first four or five hours of the day the pain in my legs or the the circulation and just plain old fatigue from sitting up all that.

Feeling pretty sore and wiped out so I spend a good chunk of the afternoon working from bed on my phone which most people don’t realize because I’m not always coming to you like this front and center so the reason I’m coming to you now is because.

I spoke to one of my clients not too long ago and one of my clients is a teenager that has a chronic condition and when you’re going to.
The public school one thing you don’t have a lot of control over is your.

Time your schedule how you spend it so you can’t really work with the herbs and flows of your energy level you know one of the best benefits of being self-employed is the fact that I.

Control my time I know where.

My energy Peaks are I tend to work best before noon every.

Day so I put in as many conference calls as many client sessions as I can before noon.

Maybe even before 1:00 and earlier because that’s what my energy is at its best after that I start feeling more pain I start to get a little bit more foggy and just fatigue and I need to go and lay down.

Some of my clients who don’t care if I talk to them from bed that’s awesome because then I can talk to them like this or I can just sit up in bed or then.

Have the wall in the background and that’s what you need to do and because that’s where I work with they get it they don’t care you know and teenagers with chronic conditions whether it be biddies pots look it up if you don’t know what it is postural orthostatic hypertension cardiac up something like that but look up pots it’s a.

Pain in the butt I’ve got on my boys have it and one of my clients has then there’s your.

ADHD bipolar OCD all of those things but if they reach a level where they can seem debilitating people who are raised in a traditional school system or a traditional home think that you’ve got two options to pay your bills you’re either employed or you’re unemployed so a lot of people who are really compromised or impacted by their disability think that if you can’t work your only other option is disability or unemployment that’s not true there’s also self-employment there’s also being an entrepreneur and that takes a.

Lot more flexibility and creativity in your thinking and that’s where I come in because a lot of the people I work with these days they have some chronic conditions that make their ability to perform pretty inconsistent and I teach them how to think outside the box.

And how to do things in a very unique way so that they can have their challenges they can take care of themselves but they can also be successful because that’s what I have been doing for the past 12 years you know it started with ADHD and.

That was diagnosed with the ehlers-danlos syndrome and now I have the multiple.

Time in bed but I also spent a lot of time serving my clients all over the world I produce videos means all kinds of.