Self Care And Business With A Chronic Illness

Stuff you know how busy I am you follow me and I do it all with all of these challenges that’s not because I’m superhuman it’s because I’m creative it’s because I can be innovative I know when my Peaks are I know and my valleys are and I focus on being productive during those peak times and during these down times is when I’m preparing I’m taking notes I’m listening to podcasts.

I’m studying I’m emailing so that when I do have my energy back I’ve generated a lot of ideas for content I can then create so it’s not a matter of being exhausted or being.

Productive I’m productive almost all the time I just know how to make use of whatever my body is prepared to do but if you tend to think in more traditional.

Whereas unrest ting or I’m working I’m employed or I’m unemployed our culture in the West is very dichotomous it’s very either-or and you have got to really spend a lot of time living in the gray if you.
Are going to be living with a.

Chronic illness but also building a business there’s a lot of new thinking that you have to do in order to be able to have it both both ways to.

Be ill but be successful so I want you to think about if you were if this is a situation you’re in where you have some chronic challenges some chronic illness you’ve thought about going into business for yourself but you think I can’t do it.

Because I’m supposed to hustle I’m supposed to work 12 to 16 hour days I’m supposed to work.

24/7 bla bla bla bla bla all the stuff you’ve been fed that somebody who is able-bodied has told you must be the case in order for you to be successful none of its true it’s true for them because they have done things according to their energy level if that’s not the way you are ultimately going to be successful ignore that model it’s simply not going to be a good fit you need to find a way that’s going to work for the parameters of.

Not only your mental game sometimes your foggy sometimes you have migraines sometimes your underslept sometimes your fatigue.

Whatever it is you’ve still got to be able to function maybe a little bit during those times but you’ve also got to be very focused and very strategic during your up times so you can be super during those times when.

You see all the stuff that I’m able to do it’s because of the systems of the habits that I have in place.

During my peak times that allow me to be super productive and also the portability that I have I can run my whole business off my phone finding the technology and the strategies that.

I need to be just as productive when I’m laying down as when I’m up in front of my computer so many things that you can learn in order to be successful while also having a chronic condition so I don’t want to overload you with too much information I just wanted to put this out here for you so that you can.

Start thinking about it thinking about limits that you have placed on yourself unnecessarily where there are actually far more.
Opportunities to be successful and do.

What it is you love and work for yourself and maybe you had even considered so for what it’s worth I present this for your consideration if there’s somebody else that you know that can benefit from this message please share it if you have any questions for me in addition to what I’ve shared about how I do this any recommendations.

I might have for you go ahead and fire away comment below or send me a message we’ll talk I’m gonna get back to resting for a little bit here until we talk again this has been Brian thanks for being you.