Myinfo Personal Information Manager (better Than Evernote)

Welcome if you want to be more organized and this is definitely the video for you it’s Cham tang here chief efficiency officer at authentic education and for a long time I’ve been passionate about productivity and getting things done and in terms of that there’s only a few critical things that you need handled when you want to get the.

Most out of yourself in your day and one of those is definitely having a personal information manager and that’s what we’re gonna cover today not only that but how to use the best one that I found and I’ve been using for the last 12.

Years now a long time ago this picture you see here was me obviously I’m a man and that’s woman but everything else is exactly the same I.

Was drowning in a sea of paperwork and I had all these different notes and ideas and post-it notes and Word documents and Excel sheets and things on my mobile.

Phone and I had nowhere to track them all like I was really confused and overwhelmed with how I organized all the things I want to do in my life and I started on a quest and that quest unknown to me at.

The time was for a thing called a personal information manager now a personal information manager is like a digital organizer that organizes all of your notes and since I found it and i searched for like I would have done research on over 30 personal information managers I came across this one you see here it’s called my Linux my info it’s hands-down the best one and I’ve been using for the last 12 years and I’ve planned heaps of things on it everything from holidays to marketing funnels.

To the whole of authentic education so our company as you know it today was planned on this thing you see here and in this next series of videos two videos I’m gonna go through in this one how I actually use it.

What it’s good for and why you absolutely must be using a personal information manager if you want to maximize the use of your time and in the second video I’m gonna show you how to actually set it up.

So this is how I use it when I’m going throughout my day I have two monitors so on my first one it would look like something like this I’ll have the personal information manager always up and now this is like my second brain if you could peek inside my brain and see what’s going on this.

Is it and I’ll explain how I use it in a second so everything from what I’m currently doing to what I want be doing this week this month and in the future is all here and then I have on my screen a second bunch of.

Things like my email and I have Google up here etc things you have in your browser usually these wouldn’t overlap each other but in this recording I don’t have as much space so let’s go through what a personal information manager is not first of all so it’s not a mobile application it’s not something that you just check while you’re walking down the street it’s something that you sit down at.

Your computer and actually do work on so it’s extremely powerful it’s not evernote evernote is really good for processes and systems it’s probably the second best thing I would use but Evernote lacks a lot of the functionality this has as an example I can quickly.

Change styles but Evernote doesn’t let you allow you to do that Evernote is lots of tags and notes where this is more like a tree structure actual folders and I can easily drag and drop things in like you can see here.

If I want to and organize things in a more logical structure it’s got a lot of bells and whistles it’s heavily keyboard shortcut friendly you can have shortcuts for everything essentially it’s very customizable as well and it’s not a task list so it’s not just a whole bunch of bullet points like you might see in Google Tasks or something like pick up the milk do this do that it’s a more comprehensive way of doing things so if you’re gonna write a book here are.

All your notes on writing a book but.

Then you can have sub notes so as an example if you wanted to create a sub document this could be chapter 1 and here you could do everything you needed for chapter 1 of your book once you start to use it you’ll pretty much wonder how you ever did without it and I can.

Safely say if you’re not using this you’re wasting your time unless your job is so easy that you don’t have to record anything and information isn’t doesn’t really bother you you don’t even check email or anything then you.

Wouldn’t need it but other than that you definitely need it so here’s how I would use it throughout my day here’s the example I spend most of the.

Time in this focus list thing here and by the way this whole file is one actual file so this is.

As you can see here it’s called template example so this whole thing would be called template example dot mio.

The file extension for my info mio and that sits in a program I have called Dropbox which synchronizes all my files so this is backed up I can use.

It on any actual other computer so I’m working on a laptop now but if I save this it will.

Go to my other PC that’s in my office and I’ve got a MacBook at home and it can work on a MacBook just a little bit tricky to use it on a MacBook you have to use a program called crossover but it can be done and that’s that’s what I do so it’s one file everything’s backed up in in the same place as well not a series of hundreds of different documents that you have to troll through so here’s how I use it then the main document here is called focus and.

By the way this whole template is what I’ll give away to you in the.

Next video for those of you who want to use it you don’t have.

To start from scratch you can do.

Exactly what I do and our staff do as well so there’s different headings now this heading here is what I’m doing roughly within the next hour and then I might have my intention so sometimes you think I really like that quote or today I’m gonna focus on flow so you.

Might put something in here like my one.

Was the other day my intention the other day was dive that’s if I can even spell dive deeper into flow and that’s just to remind.

You of what you want to do throughout you know the next week or whenever you want to change that intention so here are some of the things I’m doing right now so if you were to pick in my.

Brain for the next hour I’m doing these bullet points whatever they are and once I’ve done them usually I go from you know start fish I just crossed them.