Myinfo Personal Information Manager (better Than Evernote)

Off and I delete them so the goal is to end up with nothing there but then I’m thinking I got to do all these different things here today like you know get a report or whatever it is you’re doing and you think okay now I’ve got extra things to do I’m going.

To do these roughly these three things in the next hour and what that allows you to do is to not get overwhelmed with all the possible things you have to do in your life and just focus on what you need to do roughly within the next hour or a couple of hours or whatever it is here are the other things.

Do today but when one of them is quite complicated so get a business coach there might be three ideas I had forget a business coach so that now that kind of deserves its own heading and how the headings work is I’ve got the shortcuts program so I could go hitting one is like that blue.

To green a little bit smaller three yellow and I’ve got different headings and that’s yeah that’s what I do and what it can also do just say you’re surfing on the internet and you come across a page that you want to copy and pastes so let’s say I go to.

Sydney Morning Herald as an example I click here alright the storms on I copy this stuff here I paste it in now we can paste images and everything in here links etc but it’s not really how I want to have it so what I can do I can hit a shortcut which.

Is control 0 in my one it strips all the formatting so what’s that done now it’s put it in my normal font which is Arial 10 no paragraph spacing or anything like that so if it was red or something like that before let me just get rid of this just say before it was red and bold and whatever colors it was and you.

Can do all the normal things here like you can do your font style and you can have a different color but if it was like that I just hit one shortcut and it goes back to the the way I want it that’s pretty.

Much it that’s one of the really good things you can because the goal here is you want all your information consistently so what I like to see is I like to have a heading.

Such as get that report put it in yellow and black and bold then I like to have you know my 0.3 etc and I can have numbered bullet points if I want to but when you have consistent information when you look at all your to-do lists it’s not a total mess you can see what’s going on so that’s an important point as well.

And styles within my linh explain foe allows you to do that so yeah I would focus what I have to do in the next hour or so at the top then all the things I have to do today would be in this section and if there’s lots of things then.

They deserve their own little heading there then things I want to do.

This week are here and things I’m not sure when they’re gonna be done I just kind of put in his temp area because if I’m working on something and then I have an idea.

Yes I got to drop that idea down so I just drop it jot it down in the temp area and I.

To it maybe at the end of the day or the end of the week and then I decide what to do with it so there are some of the smaller things I’ve got to do.