Myinfo Personal Information Manager (better Than Evernote)

Or this week but some of the big bigger things are.

Here so the things I’m focusing on the next hour that deserve their own actual.

Document here are placing ads because once this gets bigger and bigger I don’t want.

To put like pages and pages of stuff in my focus because it’s kind of too confusing so I put it here so all the things I want to do.

Today I want to write a chapter so I.

Want to write a book I put it in the today section if it’s in the week I can drag it in through here and I can.

Also make it a sub document of this of this week section if I wanted to as well and that would work just like.

This so I can toggle it and if I don’t want to see all the things I have.

To do this week because there’s.

You know many many many things here to do this week I can just collapse them all so the goal here is you only focus on what you can deal with at this current point in time so yes something might be a good.

But I put it in the future so here all the things that I want to do in the future and if I ever have extra notes to add about making a film then I can put those notes there like that in the section that I.

Want you can also easily search for in this tree so right now if I’m in this focus section but I’m thinking where’s those notes on you know making a film I can start to type Mak B and it comes up make a film once again online members oh and L and it comes up as well you can search the whole thing so if I have something here say I’ve got Tarantino there but I’m.

Thinking out of all the notes I’ve ever taken where are those notes I’ve got on Tarantino.

I can search and it brings it up and I can click here and a highlights in yellow.

Wherever Tarantino appears in the whole my Linux my info document you can also have one document mullennix mine for.

A document for business and one for personal as an example here’s the actual one I use in in authentic education and this is all the notes about making this video so I planned it in this video as well you can toggle between them what you can also do is you can tile them so you can see one on each page if you’re working on something really complex let’s say you’ve got about different ideas here you know idea after idea and you want to.

Them in the appropriate section you can do that by tiling them as well I’ll close this one the other thing that you can do as well if you want to focus just on one thing you can do as an example just the editor.

Just the tree or both of them so that you don’t have to.

Be annoyed by some of the other things if you’re.

Are all the things I want to do to write in this book what you can do is just focus on this writer book section as well by using.

This little feature called hoists so everything else disappears here except my book because right now all I’m focusing on is my book you can do all the fonts and formating like you’re used to seeing you know middle a line right a line they’re all using shortcuts as well bullet points indenting colors and stuff as.

We saw before it does pictures and links so all of that stuff is easy it has other things like tasks and reminders and calendars but that’s not really what I personally use it for because I’ve already got another system I mean.

We use Gmail and G Calendar for that so I don’t use it for that I just use it for its extreme power for massaging information and keeping all the.

Information in one place so where to next now if you want to.

Get my next my info you can get it here authentic education com that I use /my info and if you want to get the template that I’ve been using you can get it in our free stuff section of our website that’ll be authentic education com that are you forward slash free stuff and in the next video I’m gonna show you how to use it and by the way the my info I think it’s.

Like fifty five dollars or something u. well well worth it I mean you get all the free updates and everything they’re still sending me updates I actually bought it twelve years ago and they updated like three months ago they still send me the email really good service I’ll see you on the next video you.