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Forgetfulness is not only for the old. Stress and having too many things on your plate can cause you to lose focus anytime and make it difficult for you to remember even the simplest things. Here’s how to stop that.

If you are having difficulty in recalling the simplest things and immediately forget what you are about to do, then you may have a problem. Don’t chalk it all up to age and accept it as it is, because there are many things that you can do to actually improve your concentration and your memory.

Your ability to concentrate and to recall things from memory are directly linked, because being able to concentrate better on your tasks enables you to recall things faster and better. If you think that your ability to concentrate and focus on the things at hand is something that you want to work on, the good news is, concentration is a mental skill that you can easily develop and improve. Here are some tips on how to concentrate better in order to remember or memorize better.

#1 Stop Multitasking

Young business woman having work conference call from home while cooking meal in kitchen

The more things we take on at the same time, the more that we do not truly focus on what we are doing. Are you thinking of watching television while working on that project? Or are you writing a paper and cooking at the same time? Might as well put one activity off and concentrate with the other to make sure you give both activities the right attention. If you really, truly have to multitask, try to give yourself a verbal reminder of what you have done in order to make yourself remember better.

#2 Use Mnemonic Devices to Remember Things Better

If you have a long exam and you need to get several things memorized completely, the use of mnemonic devices is your friends in order to memorize words and concepts. In making mnemonics, try to give some significant meaning or fun combinations in order for you to remember these faster and better without boring yourself out of your mind.

#3 Sleep

For a busy professional or a student racing to keep up with various requirements, it may be easy to forgo the usual eight-hour requirement when it comes to sleep and just keep on going even with two to four hours of sleep nightly. However, studies show that lack of sleep declines our memory further, so you have to get at least eight hours of quality sleep nightly in order for your brain to function at its optimum peak. If you feel that you need plenty of time to study or work on something, then take the proactive route and start working on things earlier than you should.

#4 A Sound Mind in a Healthy Body

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Getting a little exercise daily provides benefits to your mental health as well, because the chemical norepinephrine is produced by the brain while you exercise, and this chemical is responsible for getting your brain to work better. Brisk walking for at least thirty minutes daily do wonders to your brain (and physique!) so make sure to get your daily exercise fix.

#5 Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine, not just for the body but for the brain, too. Laughing engages various regions in the brain and activates parts of the brain that are vital to creativity and learning. Learn to laugh at yourself, gravitate towards laughter, watch a comedy show and spend time with fun and playful people.

#6 Eat for Your Brain

Your brain needs fuel, and for it to function well, you need to eat well. Try improving your diet by increasing your intake of the following: omega-3 (from fatty fish or supplements), fruits and vegetables, polyphenol-rich green tea, wine, grapes, berries and peanuts.

#7 Keep Calm and Chill On

Stress serves as one of your brain’s worst enemies. A little bit of stress every now and then is healthy to keep your brain in top shape, but chronic stress can damage your hippocampus and damage your brain cells. The hippocampus is the part of the brain that is involved in memory formation and retrieval, so try to keep your stress levels in check by trying out relaxation methods that may help you.

#8 Try New Things

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Remember that in order for you to get your focus and memory to become better, you should continue to keep your brain active. Get a pastime that stimulates your brain in order for you to exercise your mental capabilities and prevent your brain from atrophying.

What do you do to help you remember more things?