Travelling Wagon | The Sims 4 Speed Build (& Painting)

Hi guys and welcome to a slightly different video if you are already subscribed to me and you’re watching this like what what is this who is this what is happening that with me it’s gonna be hate relevant in a second if you’ve stumbled upon this from the wider YouTube world my name is Sarah I’m an artist in an.

Illustrator and I make videos about art and illustration and creativity I wanted to do something slightly different I don’t see myself doing this regularly enough to post it on a separate channel so I just decided to keep it here I have been.

Obsessed with building houses in the Sims obsessed is such a gentle word for the feelings I have for this I it’s just taken over it’s like all I can think about I don’t know why I don’t know why I’ve been watching videos about it I’ve been looking at references for days I’ve been making dozens and dozens of houses and I don’t know it’s just really fun I’ve played The Sims since I was a kid.

Unhealthily unhealthily obsessed with playing the sims to the point where I remember this one time we had to do I think I was like.

Ten we were in primary school.

And we had to do this thing while we sat around in a circle and our teacher asked us.

What was the thing that we did this week that we were most proud of when it was my turn I said I got my Sims through University and.

Joking I wasn’t I was so proud and that was that was my life I kind of went off it when I.

Was a teenager and I’m I just didn’t play it for a few years I’m back on the sims train now and I’m ready I’m ready for unhealthy obsession and giving up my life in favor of virtual reality a quick little note before I carry on I know this build isn’t the most original idea I’ve definitely.

Do speed builds that are really similar to this and I myself was inspired by the movie Stardust where there’s like a witch character who has this yellow travelling car that she drives around if I do accidentally coffee anyone’s ideas I definitely didn’t do it.

On purpose it was just an idea I had and I went with it but yeah so the reason I was so excited about this build in.

Particular is hey I love how it turned out I think it really captured the story that I was trying to tell and B I was so happy with how the finished result looked at the end I used it as a reference for a painting that I then did so I’ll include a little snapshot of that I don’t know I’ve been feeling really creatively blocked.

Recently and I’ve been using the Sims as just a way to escape from actually doing anything and and I’ve been seeing it as a way to relax and kind of do something creative without too much pressure.

But when I built this I was like this is so pretty I want to paint it so I painted it and.

I don’t know if I’ll do that again I don’t know if this is gonna be a thing that I know how do but but it.

Was really fun to do it well I usually do four paintings is go and look for references on.
Google or Pinterest just pictures.

Other people have taken it never occurred to me that I could build my own reference and I don’t know when.

I build this I was like oh that’s it’s exactly I could build it exactly how I wanted it so I didn’t have to rely on other people’s imagination I could do it exactly the way that I wanted but it was also easier than trying to just paint directly onto paper without having a reference in front of.

Me at all so it was a perfect little balance I think I will try and do it again I’m.

Not sure what I’m gonna make next but yeah it was a really fun experiment really glad I did it as for the build itself it’s really simple it’s just a room it’s literally just a tiny room and it was a lot of work trying to get all the items in it sorry I needed a kitchen a bathroom a bedroom and somewhere to.

Sit and I also put a bunch of stuff it’s just stuff stuff stuff because my idea for this was it was like a traveling salesman like Rag & Bone Collector kind of guy and he would drive around in his little cart and park.

Let people kind of buy what they wanted kind of like a traveling car boot sale but yeah because it was such a small room and it’s really hard to fit everything in and when I was playtesting it to make.

Sure that the sim could actually walk around and use everything but that was that was a journey that was wild there were like two hours to rearrange things to get it to work also the same I moved in was this like elderly sim and because they took me so long to play test it and figure out how to get everything working by the time I was doing faffing around he was like.

Ready to die like literally I got the notification like your sim is about to die you should probably do something about that so yeah that was fun it was Inventure for both of us but after it was all finished I was really happy.

With it I think it especially being on this little beach area and I think it’s in Bridlington Bay which will mean nothing to anybody.

Who doesn’t play the Sims but I guess it’s like rightness this little beach area and I don’t know it just works perfectly I use lots of different flowers and the Scarecrow and some workshop tables and some signs because I wanted to make it look like he had actually opened up his shop and had.

Like opening hours and stuff and then behind the little caravan there’s a kind of storage.

Area where there’s just a bunch of crates and like artefacts and books and things like that in real life.

They would be stolen straight away but in the sense that doesn’t happen other.

Was just a lot of stuff on the interior I did put kind of a little like I don’t know an Easter Egg I guess I have all these paintings hung around I wanted to make it look like he was selling them but then I also put a stack of canvases on the floor kind of a nod to my own artistic hobbies but also to suggest that maybe he was forging some of the paintings and he hadn’t actually collected them I put a.

Bunch of fairy lights outside as well so that it glows in the dark and some of the flowers that.

I used also glow at night which was really pretty so yeah it just created this little magical caravan and I’m really happy with it and it was so fun to paint as well because I knew that I was painting something that I had created from scratch even though I’m using a game that already has all these items in it but it still felt a lot more personal and a.

Lot more like a story that I had told and now was painting which is really good I enjoyed it don’t know if this video it’s interesting I helpful to anybody or if it was just so random not sure what the Venn diagram of artists.

And Sims builders is thank you for watching anyway I will include some screenshots of the finished build and also some pictures of the painting that I made from it if you liked this kind of video let me know and you can also subscribe for art related videos etc you can follow me on Instagram and everything will be linked down below thanks again for.
Watching and I will talk to you soon bye you..