Finally Found Some Dirt Off-road For The Klr 650

So guys on the road just for a little short trip today you see them what I can find I don’t think it’s gonna be live much longer here but flavored check out this spot right here it’s really just a construction area that looks like some deep sand right there there’s an area right here that checkout I think they’re.

Gonna build some bones in here I don’t think this goes back very far at all I did want to find out there’s no signs posting it this province maybe it’s gonna be a road right now it’s just hard dirt yeah Gideon’s right they’re building.

It looks like that could be farmers field there this is the first time I really had the KLR off-road this is nothing extreme it’s pretty much hard back dirt a little bit of loose dirt what it’s doing good you know for 805 seem to be doing great here there a second I think this is just going to kind of circle back around this looks like a subdivision that’s getting ready to be built looks like a housing area or someplace they’re gonna build here think that cuts.

Right across throat okay mental I think that goes too much that little exploration would have liked it have been longer but hey I got on dirt right so for 16 has held up really well for me I don’t think I’m going to need to go back to the 15 yeah so even offroad I’m pretty much today in second gear with the 16 to 3 anted I’ve not been on anything rough terrain this is just this is just dirt I can’t imagine that I would need to be anything lower the first even.

With the 16 to Vince Ignace and stuff today that was like hardened lava or something I think it was bedrock or granite but 16 to scroll could be final not first gear maybe even second I was going cause cruising along on second gear that actually made me feel I’ve done worried that I was gonna wish I’d had the as far as I can tell this other area was opposed there’s no gay so it looks a lot of drop out there but the.

Downside is right across from Sheriff’s Department might get questioned so happy goes I got on some dirt finally worried it was these tires handle Mohandas that’s another thing I’ve been meaning to do is get some get some little magnets put into the bite hopefully trigger some of the in Hawaii I don’t know if you guys have heard about that I think Brian f9 talks about it for none thinkers who talked about.

It somebody talked about it skid plate underneath there gets a little magnet stick it to it probably not on.

Of the sauce supposedly that that will trigger traffic alloys stronger something I was thinking about anyone or mother that I really want to be in today will see what this is out here interesting area.

I’m definitely gonna need the two interoffice rozzers I’m way too tall to be standing up on this.

Bike we’re around a circle and just tall we’d really like round then we’d see what’s there sorry guys I’m just playing around now.

Got nowhere else to go see if this entrance here takes me out yeah little plate on man just enough the tire a little bit testing out the sixteenth to.

Sprocket everything feels good pretty determined I could go about anywhere this part grandma’s no no there by car motocross bike but a little throw bike it’s great should have done that a long time ago I noticed the.

Temperature got up about halfway when we were out there 93 in the day so it might have been an 80s so the suspicion felt good progessive front upgrade pretty good nice squishy is done three kilogram per.

Millimeter rare from Top Gun Oh that’s not the case so that’s good it’s all pave now yes I’m headed back to the house now.

Sir I hope you had a great Labor Day I’ll take care of so.